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    So I'm wondering what to go into for my skills, and which order to dip in. This has already been addressed a bit, but I've been going through them and here's what I've got.

    The three main choices seem to be
    1) Factotum
    - (6+Int mod) skills per level, treat any skill as class skill
    - Inspiration, Cunning Insight, Cunning Knowledge, Trapfinding. 2 level dip adds Arcane dilettante, but a 2 level dip here seems darned unlikely.
    - Doesn't advance BAB or Fort save with a 1 level dip, does advance Reflex.
    Chief selling point is any skill as class skill.

    2) Martial Rogue
    - (8 + Int modifier) per level, a host of class skills.
    - Bonus Feat, Trapfinding. If 2 level dip, Evasion
    - Doesn't advance BAB or Fort save with a 1 level dip, does advance Reflex.
    Even more skill points, less broad array of things to use them on.
    Mimic, Spell Reflection, and Wilderness Rogue could all be useful?

    3) Ranger
    - (6+Int mod) skills per level, reasonable array of skills to invest in.
    - Class features - 1st favored enemy, Track, wild empathy. If 2 level dip, Combat style.
    - Advances BAB, Fortitude, and Reflex saves
    Arcane Hunter, voice of the city, trap expert, favored environment, and fast movement all could be good trades. If dipping for 2, might be worth trading combat style out for something else due to the armor limitation? Or try to persuade GM to allow a 2-handed combat style? EDIT: Just saw that apparently there are alternate combat styles elsewhere, one of which uses Power Attack?

    Between the three, Ranger is ahead thanks to the BAB and two strong save bonuses. On the other hand, I then have to spend a feat on Able Learner if I want everything as a class skill. Rogue gives a bonus feat (I think) which could be put right into able learner, and it gives an even larger number of skill points.

    Two other questions:
    1) If I take, for example, a level of rogue and get trapsense and swap it out for something, and then take a level of barbarian, and get trapsense again, can I swap it out for yet another thing or is it counted as part of the first trapsense?

    2) Is Fangshields Barbarian worth investigating?
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