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    Default Re: Gaols and Giants - The Playground rewrites third Edition

    Communication: I second the use of Skype. As I said on the other thread, we can set up a single skype group for the project for easy communication with the whole group, while also being able to message individuals that we are working directly alongside.

    Leadership: I believe that Morph suggested a 2-per system for the major tasks, and I like that, possibly adding more people for larger things (I foresee the magic system being a bit time-consuming). I don't see a need for a single person to act as THE leader, but rather a group of 2 to 4 particularly active individuals to oversee things such that the entire project isn't crippled when one person has real life stuff come up, as it inevitably does.

    So I think it'd look something like this:

    Small teams 2-3 on each task (Magic, feats, skill rewrite, balancing classes, writing overarching fluff, etc.) and then there's the Overseers that get status reports from the sub-groups. The Overseers are in charge of immediate balance and cohesion, and noticing developing problems, or amazing ideas to be integrated elsewhere. However, these individuals shouldn't have super executive power or something like that. Perhaps they could act as judges, but reasonable and equal discussions ought to be at the heart of this project. If there's questions or ideas, they should be handled in the Skype group or whatever we decide to use, such that everyone can contribute their ideas.

    Edit: I seem to have been swordsage'd!
    My Skype is, predictably, Welknair. I'm very active on it.

    Do we plan to include any other subsystems into G&G? There was a mention of integrating a ToB-style system for martial characters.

    As for goals, the first things I think of:
    1. Staying true to the feel of 3.5. Heavy emphasis on character building (I approve of using Feats and Skills to a greater degree, since they allow for more diversity between characters) as well as the ability for more content to be easily brewed for it. Add onto this whatever you feel makes 3.5 so enjoyable.
    2. Make it reasonably balanced, of course. Perhaps we could agree upon a target tier for characters?
    3. I'd like the system to be on the flexible side, to be able to accomodate a greater range of adventures and settings than vanilla 3.5. For example... Technological advancement options. I've learned a lot since the original Magitech. I could come up with some interesting options.
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