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    Default Re: Gaols and Giants - The Playground rewrites third Edition

    Reposting my edit:

    We're going to need a proper list of participants sooner or later. Perhaps a signup of some sort?

    GitP Username:
    Skype Username, if applicable:
    How much time can I contribute?:
    Skills and credentials:
    Preferred project:
    Do you wish to be one of the organizers?:

    GitP Username: Welknair
    Skype Username, if applicable: Welknair (Who would have known?)
    How much time can I contribute?: An hour a day, perhaps?
    Skills and credentials: I'm best known for my Magitech and Bloodlines. I excel at seeing how pieces work together and predicting their impacts on both characters and a setting at large (IMO). Making my Bloodlines caused me to read many amazing brews on these boards, and learn them well enough to make derivitive work. I am decently versed in different tabletop games.
    Preferred project: I'd be interested in working on certain mechanics important to the way the world works (How does enchanting function? How is XP gained? How does character advancement work?) as well as perhaps rules for technological advancement. I have no clue if either of the positions are really needed, if we intend to stay close to the original 3.5 as opposed to expanding upon it. If nothing else, I can help with the classes.
    Do you wish to be one of the organizers?: If there's a slot open, sure. I'm not dead-set on it, though.

    I think we should assume standard d20 framework unless we come across something that would necessitate changing it. We should use it as a starting point, but not have adhering to it be a requirement of the project.
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