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    Default Re: Gaols and Giants - The Playground rewrites third Edition

    Quote Originally Posted by Eldan View Post
    Task resolution mechanic: d20+bonus-penalties vs. target value.
    Nope. Change that, and it ain't D&D.

    Six ability scores, 10-11 being the basic value, negative and positive modifiers, bell curve distribution between 3 and 18 for humans, etc.
    Personally, I'm in favor of dropping the ability score/ability modifier distinction altogether; let's merge them together and just use the "modifier." 2d4-4 gives a nice bell curve centered around 1.

    Hit Dice.
    Base Attack Bonus.

    Feats and Skills (not what they do, just how they are gained).
    I'd like for both skills and feats to do more, personally. Merge skill tricks and skills; and make feats add options rather than enhance them.

    Action types: Free, Immediate, Swift, Move, Standard and Full round.

    GitP Username: Grod_the_giant
    Skype Username, if applicable: grod_the_giant
    How much time can I contribute?: 1-3 hours a day, depending on course-load. More on breaks.
    Skills and credentials: I'm probably best known around here for my base classes. I think I've remixed every SRD base class but the bard and monk at one point or another, not to mention a number of originals-- the Beastman, Savage, and Legend probably got the most attention.
    Preferred project: I'd like to work on basic mechanics and base classes.
    Do you wish to be one of the organizers?: Sure.

    Also, I submit an alternate name, before we get too attached to Gaols: Giants and Graveyards.
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    Grod's Law: You cannot and should not balance bad mechanics by making them annoying to use
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