GitP Username: TheWombatOfDoom
Skype Username, if applicable: BattleOfJerico
How much time can I contribute?: 5 to 10 hours a week, one to two a day.
Skills and credentials: I've been writing fantasy and world building materials for twelve years, I have 16 years of D and D experience, I am a professional artist, I'm quite literate, and I play nice with others. The only things I have to show on the forums are my magic thread and an RP which deals with very immersive game mechanics. I'm good at filling in where needed.
Preferred project: Some of the mechanics are a bit unbalanced, but I'm interested in bringing in a tier 3 with more immersive characteristics. Also - I'd like poisons to actually matter. That's a long way down the line, but they got pooped on, and I think that could be improved.
Do you wish to be one of the organizers?: I think organizers should be in pairs too. I'm willing to follow for now, and perhaps be more involved later.