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I'm still not entirely sure I understand the Able Learner explanation but I'll reread it a few times : ) Would you say it's worth getting Able Learner overall?
the benefits of Able Learner are: Every rank in every skill costs only one skill point. As per the normal rules if a skill is a class skill in any of your classes the maximum number of ranks is character level +3. So for example if you take only one level of rogue and Able Learner on level 1 you could maximize any of the rogue class skills even if you only took levels in classes which don't have them as class skills afterwards, without paying extra.
If you want to maximize skills that are only class skills for classes you only want to dip, it is well worth it.

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I was reading through the skills and skill tricks in your guide to barbarians after looking at stuff for the factotum and I noticed that you made no mention of Acrobatic backstab or autohypnosis. Could either of those help a barbarian? Other people seem to be big fans of autohypnosis but it doesn't appear to be anything especially wonderful to me.
Acrobatic backstab is only worth it if you have an ability that causes something special if the target is flat-footed (like sneak attack). Autohypnosis could be worthwhile.