Hmmm, autohypnosis might be good for somebody who's main defense is his chest hair. Think I'll steer clear of acrobatic backstab.

I've just found a few nifty alternate class features in Dragon Magazine 349, p 92. Dashing Step and Devil's Luck. Either of them good? It would seems like the luck bonus to saving throws in particular is quite good. Unshakeable might be ok too.

Also, if I'm dipping into fighter, the Exoticist might be useful.

And, opinion on martial monk? Seems like you could get 2 bonus feats and some class features or alternate class features (decisive strike and Invisible Fist, hello! Standing Jump and Spell Reflection decent too) that would help out a Barbarian, as well as a decent number of skills and points. No BAB progression for 1 level dip, but a +2 to every save.