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Given Tarquin's dialogue in #763, it doesn't seem to me that Tarquin would mind being forgotten all that much. Sure, it's sub-optimal, but his stated plan before Elan arrived was to rule for three decades or so, and then die at the hands of some peasant, his name presumably lapsing into obscurity soon after.
That's his plan as stated to Elan, after Elan has attacked him. It always surprises me that so many people are willing to take him at his word on that point.

Personally, I believe he has absolutely no intention of dying like a good sport, either at Elan's hands or anyone else's. His plan is to live indefinitely, quite possibly becoming undead at some point. Killing him would be a defeat of sorts; consigning him to obscurity would be a bigger defeat; and killing him in such a way that he actually regretted some part of his former actions, would complete it.