Zimelda scowls fiercely. "You creatures are astoundingly stupid. 'Oh, me know! Let's go poke at the scary priestess lady thing! Surely no bad things happen!'" she mockingly imitates the kobolds. "Unfortunately, bad things do happen. Like this!"

Zimelda raises her mace up above her head with both hands, and then brings it down on the wounded Quickblade. Whether or not the blow kills the creature, she then spins around 360 degrees, and with a feral snarl smashes her mace into the face of the other Quickblade beside her. Its agony channels through her mace, knitting her own wounds and easing her pain.


Standard Action: Priest's Shield Attack on Quickblade 1
Spend Action Point for Second Standard Action.
Free Action: Divine Fortune (+1 next attack)
Standard Action: Healing Strike on Quickblade 2

Priest's Shield:
Attack: (1d20+6)[26] vs AC
Damage: (1d8+4)[12]
If hit, +1 AC to Zimelda and Arjhan until end of her next turn

Healing Strike:
Attack: (1d20+7)[9] vs AC
Damage: (2d8+4)[14]
If hit, target is marked and Zimelda spends a healing surge + 3 extra HP.