Bonuses. Okay.

Alchemical: can stay for all I care, but I can see the argument for kicking it.
Armour: in.
Circumstance: this is the generic +2/-2 the DM should hand out. I don't think spells and abilities should give it.
Competence: important.
Deflection: do we need deflection and shield? They are essentially similar.
Dodge: Sure.
Enhancement: yeah.
Insight: Is this different from Competence in fluff?
Luck: yes.
Morale: yes, for bards.
Profane/sacred: call it divine. Roll in anarchic and axiomatic (that was it, yeah?) too.
Resistance: can this just be enhancement? It only goes to saves anyway.
Shield: bit weak and specialized. My suggestion is making shields give a deflection bonus.
Size: certainly.

I'd like to keep a few more than Pair suggested. My list would drop shield, insight and resistance and merge the divines.