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Magic-wise, I have a few ideas. Assuming that we're making substantial changes to that system (As opposed to individual spell fixes, which IMO is not sufficient) to bring it down to closer to 3rd-tier, I'd very much like to be a part of that brainstorming process.

I'm in favor of check-based magic, along the lines found in GURPS. As was brought up in another recent thread, per-day features have some problems, especially when DMs don't make an effort to have 4 appropriately leveled encounters per day. Magic ought to convey the sense of mystery, uncertainty and risk that are trademarks of the genre in fiction. I am also in favor of having many spells have longer casting times and be more interruptable.
I'm like the idea of checks, and mystery and such, but... I recently played a sorcerer in Exalted, and it was... suboptimal. Sorceries in that game are have long casting times-- equivalent to two entire turns for lower-level spells, and more for higher levels. And let me tell you, I don't care how much fun I had describing magic, I don't care how powerful the spells are (they weren't), nothing is worth making a character spend an entire turn sitting idly, then get hit by some goblin a tick before the spell goes off and lose the entire thing. Seriously, I cannot describe how much it sucked. For such a system to be workable, magic would have to be three times as powerful as alternatives on an action-per-action basis: once for the normal turn, once for the casting turn, and at least once more to compensate the player for only getting half as many useful actions as his comrades.