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    Quote Originally Posted by Eldan View Post
    Circumstance boni are the DM's most important tool. "It's raining, +2 circumstance modifier to X" is essential.

    And I suggest making shield give a deflection bonus. Simply because, well, shields deflect things. And keep things from touching you. So they should apply to touch attacks.

    And why do you need specific profane/holy bonuses? You can only have one of them at a time anyway. You can just word it as "this spell gives a +2 divine bonus to AC to all good creatures" or some such.
    because it gives the DM ways to make the PCs rage, for instance when you get the profane Gauntlets of Ogre Power and they already have a Sacred Belt of Giant's Strength

    Just because it is part of the Circumstance bonus doesnt mean you have to completely limit it to Flanking's effects

    also, Deflecting things is NOT parrying. Change the name on Shields to blocking AC and use that.
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