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Long casting times work for some spells. That's where my rituals come in. Go have a look at them, there are some of them in the Arcane thread in my signature, about four posts down.
They involve checks, and a casting time of 10 minutes per level.

However, this does not work for all spells. We always have to balance playability against fluff. And power balance isn't everything. Wizards need to have something to do every turn of combat, that's important. It can just be analysing monsters and giving helpful tactical tips, of course, but long casting times should stay far, far away from combat spells.

Actually, long casting times should stay away from just about all spells. This is one of the really bad things in 4E, the rituals. Spellcasters need the ability to do things swiftly to be playable. And not just for combat spells, but for most spells. It just does not work when the player needs to say 'um, guys we need to hang around and do nothing while I cast my spell for 30 minutes.'

Rituals work fine for big divination's, big abjurations and some other spells. But in most cases, there should be a ''quick version''. Casting detect lies should need not take 10 minutes.