Mia Hendrix

Mia found the gunner worrisome; if only because his intent to kill had nothing to do with zombies. That said she beamed upon spotting the other princess; over joyed by knowing she wasn't the only on in the area, even if she had a feeling neither party would heed her words. Sure enough, neither did.

Mia was deciding how to disarm the gunner when she spotted Mrs.Grout, and sadly she wasn't the only one; it seemed that one of the other zombies had gotten peckish, and decided to go for a bite. Noticing this Mia sped over to the teacher, going around the gunner so as to remain outside of his line of fire; before flicking on of her cards at the offending zombie. "Hey Teach, unless you wanna be zombie chow it's time to get the lead out and hit the road!," she called, hoping to remind the venerable educator of her flight instincts.

((OOC:Levinbolt attack to Marrionette IV, accumulaing 5 damage success, and moving towards Mrs. Grout taking a path that goes around the back of the gunner and well outside his line of fire.))