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Yes, he does not. He stated that to Elan. He said he won't die unless Elan actually wins it. So what's the problem?
The problem is people assuming that his original scenario of getting killed by some random peasant after a lengthy reign and fading away into obscurity was ever really Tarquin's plan.

Although I do believe that he cares much more about surviving in story then surviving physically.

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Aw, I love Nale. He has potential (high level in-universe, strong INT score), but he's so ridiculously inefficient. Intentionally or not, he's the Evil equivalent of our bumbling heroes, struggling to survive his ludicrous ambitions and the epic level plot, despite lacking the plot armour of a PC.
I kind of agree. Nale's a very unpleasant person, but he's enjoyable to read about, and he's probably the only villain in OOTS who I've really found myself "rooting for" in any real sense. I don't get why so many people seem to hate his very existence.