What the...?
As bookish Erin Watson reached the scene, trying to catch her breath, she attempted to make sense of the situation. Zombies? Injured guy on the floor? Teacher? Guy with a gun? Girls in...are those other Radiants, or something else? What the hell is going on here?
Figure it out later. Save the teacher first! I'll transform and shoot the...
Wait. I need to transform, load my Boomstaff, AND shoot that thing? I'll never do it all in time...But I HAVE TO!

Raising a hand in the air, she shouted: "To make sense of it all: The Soul of Reason!" As she did, light swirled around her, replacing her clothing with a dress of flowing, liquid silver, looking like a costume out of an old science-fiction tale; in her hands, she was holding an equally futuristic-looking staff, which she was now aiming at the zombie assaulting Mrs. Grout. "Don't touch her!"

Spending one Willpower to add dice to transformation roll. Exceptional success, so it's a reflexive action.
Spending one Wisp to summon her Levinbolt weapon fully loaded.
Shooting the injured zombie. Unless I've made a mistake somewhere, 3 successes on the attack roll plus one rank of Damaging on her Levinbolt mean a total damage of 4?