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Thread: The Brick Builder (Lego Class) PEACH

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    This class is a minion and crafting class. The Brick Builder uses the many Minifigs to power anything that she constructs. They can also easily provide the party with unique ways out of situations, constructing not only weapons but vehicles and other devices.

    I have nearly completed the building rules for Lego Models. At this stage I need to finish the Defence model function and add in more bonuses for using the Power and Soul Bricks in different Lego Models.

    Example contraption in progress.
    Gargantuan Vehicular Model (40 feet Fly speed)
    1x Balista (2d6 19-20/x2, move action reload)
    1,002,600 Bricks

    2x Large Balista turrets, mounted on vehicle (4d6 19-20 x3, move action reload.)
    22000 bricks

    1x Large Operations Unit
    feats and skills.

    So What does everyone think of the class.
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