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Wow Teddy, those are so weird (in the older sense of the word). You probably already said, but what's the story behind them?
Well, they were once a part of the coastal defences in the area, sitting probably ~5 m over the sea, but through the years, the sea has been eating up the ground beneath them, causing them to tumble down on the beach, and in some cases even topple over.

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It sounds odd, but I found some of those bunker photos really creepy for some reason. Not the ones with Teddy in but the one with the graffitti, the rusted stepped roof and the titled angle door one.
Yeah, it gives off a bit of a post-apocalypic look. Being the ruin romantic that I am, I can't help but find an inherent beauty in them.

Hmm, speaking of post-apocalyptic, I should seek to incorporate something like this in the post-apocalyptic setting I'm sketching up in my head. Who knows, I might end up incorporating it in a game or roleplaying campaign...

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They're only what, about 70 years old? - but something about them seems ineffably alien and ancient. They have weathered beautifully. I would go bananas exploring them.

I wonder how long that concrete can survive its exposure to brine and wind? I'd love to see that site in 100 more years.
Yeah, most of them were too far out into the see or had their entrances too high off the ground to permit entrance, but exploring them was quite a blast.

And the best preserved bunker of them all (in the two overview shots, it's the one with a large patch of grass on the top that mum is sitting next to) didn't look like it'd aged a day, while the most worn one was cracked open and crumbling to pieces (we have a few pictures of it, and it looks quite dramatic, but I had to limit myself at some point). The difference just makes it even more dramatic.

Also, Serps, your mountains makes me so envious. If you'd let me out among them, you'd never get me down again. Ever.