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    Starielle looks over the balcony of the ship, one leg raised up as she dangles over the edge peering at the scene below.

    "Oh ma chère, c'est un massacre là-bas!" she says to anyone who was listening. From her tone you could tell she was excited however. It had been a long trip, and while she appreciated the openness of the sky, and the freedom to flutter among the clouds when the urge arrived, she quickly became bored. Her baser urges where calling for a move to fulfill, and she was about to submit. She needed some fun, some mischief, something to get the heart pumping!

    Turning around she leaned on the rail with both elbows, her small stature making it look slightly awkward, having to lean against the bow of the rail.

    "So" she starts to no one in particular "What are we to do with such a trophée?"

    Looking to Cadaver she smiles a knowing smile. "Well of course!" she says, she turns invisible and then to those who can see her, jumps off the railing with wings outstretched.


    Gather info - (1d20+5)[15]
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