After one look out over the battlefield, Lia dropped to her knees next to the Thri-Kreen, and slung one of her Quivers off of her shoulder. Leaning it on her lap, she begun to sort through her arrows, checking the fletchings and shafts for any damage or deformity.

It was a good thing to do before a battle, and knowing the others, the likelihood of us jumping into that fray was high. The repetitive nature of the task, checking each arrow for any damage, meant you had a chance to get your head together before a fight.

And it also made sure that your arrows weren't broken.

Lifting one eyebrow as the Fey disappears from view and flutters off, Lia shook her head in exasperation (and a hint of jealously; if only they'd been on the ground, she could've been just as good a scout, if not better, than the Half-Nymph!).

She continued checking her arrows.