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    Speech: "Bold red."
    Thoughts: Italic red.

    Enginseer Prime Victris Alverse Explorator

    Dressed in the standard red robes of a Techpriest, though he endeavours to keep his in a far cleaner state than most Adepts, his form seems relatively unaugmented. Three Mechadendrites ruin this illusion, one on each shoulder and a third, ending in a manipulator claw, mounted on his lower back which he tends to lean on when otherwise distracted.

    His youthful face usually bears a nervous smile, his messy fringe of blonde hair falling over his eyes - themselves one of his few visible augmetics, expertly crafted to seem indistinguishable from the real thing at a casual glance. Aside from the eyes, the only other augmetics visible on his face are a fine tracery of circuitry around the left ear, his Vox Implant.

    His mannerisms are shy and nervous, and he generally seems uncomfortable in social situations, though strangely he never seems to go out of his way to avoid them. On his own, or when distracted by a task more suited to his abilities, he seems far more confident and displays a propensity to engage in long, rambling discourses on his favourites topics, regardless of whether anyone is actually listening or even present.


    Born on the Forge World of Belacane, Victris was groomed as a Techpriest from an early age. His sharp mind and logical nature attracted the personal favour of one of the higher ranking Magos, Magos Oratin, who began to groom Victris as either a heir or an assistant - to this day Victris is never sure which. However, Victris' insistent curiosity and opposition to certain elements of cult dogma, particularly those relating to non-cult members, eventually drove a wedge between him and his mentor, leading to his eventual fall from favour.

    Finding himself distanced from his peers due to his falling out and deviant philosophy, Victris found his talents being wasted, pushed into almost menial make-work tasks, most of them an exercise in futility. Frustrated at being kept from what he saw as his duty to help the common throngs of humanity, he resolved to leave his world behind for the stars, where he hoped he would find more freedom from what he felt was the insular, self-destructive philosophy shared by the rest of the Forge. He soon signed on with a Rogue Trader looking for additional Enginseers, leaving Belacane behind.

    Since then, Victris has travelled the void on a variety of vessels, proving his skills to the wider Cult Mechanicus and rising in rank. Only one incident, a terrible event in which a Gellar field failed mid-transit and exposed the the entire ship to the warp, mars his recollection of the years since. Although it was that self-same incident, and his actions to lead the repair of the Gellar field even as the rest of the crew fought off the marauding horrors of the warp, that led to his most recent promotion and position of Enginseer Prime aboard the Sin of Pride.

    Character Name: Victris Alverse
    Origin Path: Forge World -> Savant -> Duty Bound (Duty to Humanity) -> Dark Voyage -> Prestige
    Career Path: Explorator
    Rank: 2 (7,500 XP)


    (Traded Strength for Fellowship progression)
    Weapon Skill: 29 ([25] + Roll [9] + Homeworld [-5])
    Ballistic Skill: 36 ([25] + Roll [11])
    Strength: 34 ([25] + Roll [9])
    Toughness: 40 ([25] + Roll [13] + Savant [-3] + Simple [5])
    Agility: 34 ([25] + Roll [9])
    Intelligence: 79 ([25] + Roll [20] + Homeworld [5] + Fit For Purpose [3] + Savant [3] + Duty to Humanity [3] + Advances [20])
    Perception: 34 ([25] + Roll [9])
    Willpower: 36 ([25] + Roll [11])
    Fellowship: 40 ([25] + Roll [15])

    Basic Skills:
    Awareness (Per):17
    Barter (Fel): 20
    Carouse (T): 20
    Charm (Fel): 20
    Climb (S): 17
    Command (Fel): 20
    Common Lore (Machine Cult) (Int): 79
    Common Lore (Tech) (Int): 79
    Concealment (Ag): 17
    Contortionist (Ag): 17
    Deceive (Fel): 20
    Disguise (Fel): 20
    Dodge (Ag): 17
    Evaluate (Int): 39
    Gamble (Int): 39
    Inquiry (Fel): 20
    Intimidate (S): 17
    Logic (Int): 89
    Scrutiny (Per): 17
    Search (Per): 17
    Silent Move (Ag): 17
    Swim (S): 17

    Advanced Skills:
    Forbidden Lore (Archeotech) (Int): 79
    Forbidden Lore (Adeptus Mechanicus) (Int): 79
    Forbidden Lore (The Warp) (Int): 79
    Literacy (Int): 79
    Medicae (Int): 79
    Secret Tongue (Tech) (Int): 79
    Speak Language (Explorator Binary) (Int): 79
    Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int): 79
    Speak Language (Tech Lingua) (Int): 79
    Tech-Use (Int): 89
    Trade (Armourer) (Int): 79
    Trade (Technomat) (Int): 79

    Stranger to the Cult: -10 on tests regarding knowledge of the Imperial Creed, -5 on Fellowship tests to interact with the Ecclesiarchy in a formal setting.
    Duty to Humanity: -1 Starting Profit Factor
    Mechanicus Implants

    Basic Weapon Training (Universal)
    Binary Chatter
    Logis Implant
    Mechadendrite Use (Utility)
    Melee Weapon Training (Universal)
    Talented (Tech-Use)
    Technical Knock
    Total Recall

    Experience: 7,500/7,500

    Rank 0 (4,500 - 4,999)
    Mechadendrite Use (Utility) - 500 xp

    Rank 1 (5,000 - 6,999)
    Autosanguine - 200 xp
    Secret Tongue (Tech) - 100 xp
    Trade (Armourer) - 100 xp
    Int (Simple) - 100 xp
    Int (Intermediate) - 250 xp
    Int (Trained) - 500 xp
    Int (Expert) - 750 xp

    Rank 2
    Medicae - 200xp
    Binary Chatter - 200xp
    Toughness (Simple) - 100xp

    Best-Craftsmanship Shock Staff
    Enforcer Light Carapace
    Void Suit
    Sacred Unguents
    Servo-Skull Familiar

    Good-Craftsmanship Augur Array
    Calculus Logi Upgrade
    Manipulator Mechadendrite
    Memorance Implant
    Good-Craftsmanship Mind Impulse Unit
    Optical Mechadendrite
    Utility Mechadendrite
    Vox Implant

    Corruption & Insanity:
    Corruption Points: 0
    Insanity Points: 2

    Current: 12/12
    Critical Damage: 0
    Fatigue: 0/3 (Int): 43

    Fate: 2/2

    Sergeant Lilitas Imperial Guardswoman

    Lilitas is a towering figure with a muscular build, her tanned skin dotted with the scars of countless near-and not so near-misses. Short blonde hair pokes from under her helmet and her face seems perpetually locked in a scowl. Her facial features are hard and angular, with one particularly large scar crossing a nose that has obviously been broken more than a few times.

    She wears her carapace, painted in dark grey urban camo, at virtually all times. A laspistol and chainsword are holstered on each side of her hip and a grenade launcher is strapped to her back next to a pack that usually contains what few personal possessions she bothers to keep.

    When she speaks, it tends to be in a deep growl unless addressing her superiors or members of the Ecclesiarchy. To them, she shows the upmost respect and formality.

    Lilitas was raised in the Schola Progenium, her parents' identities erased from all records. Even Lilitas knows nothing of them, not even the family name they left for her, but she doesn't mind (or so she says to herself). If she was quicker to anger than the other children, well, it certainly wasn't due to a lingering sense of betrayal over what she certainly doesn't view as her parental abandonment. Just like her fierce faith in the Emperor couldn't possibly derive from a need to believe that whatever reason keeps her from knowing about her missing parents is a good reason.

    Her upbringing has given her a strong faith in the God Emperor, and driving urge to do His work - typically in the form of ventilating the skull of whatever heretic, mutant or Xeno He so sees fit to place in her path. For a time she trained to join the Adepta Sororitas, but reconsidered after realising that they spent far too long praying, and not enough time smiting the enemies of mankind for her tastes. Her training as a Guardswoman was far more productive, and she graduated straight into the Guard.

    Since then, she has fought on a score of different worlds, against a slew of different foes. Her aggressive nature found a focus in battle, and a check in the discipline of the Guard. Her skills were considerable, but her lack of leadership ability rendered her unsuitable for promotion to sergeant. She was put up for Stormtrooper training instead, her superiors being loathe to waste her talents. However before her training could begin, for reasons entirely unknown to her, she was transferred to the Sin of Pride under Inquisitorial mandate. She has continued to serve to the best of her abilities, but privately wishes to return to return to her career in the Guard. Or, at the very least, receive an explanation. But the discipline drilled into her, and her origins, leave her loathe to actually express such.

    Character Name: Sergeant Lilitas
    Homeworld/Origin: Schola Progenium
    Career Path: Guardsman
    Divination: "There are no Civilians in the battle for survival."
    Rank: 5 - Veteran (4,850 XP)


    (Traded Perception for Willpower progression)
    Weapon Skill: 41 ([20] + Roll [16] + Advances [5])
    Ballistic Skill: 46 ([20] + Roll [16] + Advances [10])
    Strength: 40 ([20] + Roll [15] + Advances [5])
    Toughness: 40 ([20] + Roll [13] + Divination [2] + Advances [5])
    Agility: 42 ([20] + Roll [12] +Advances [10])
    Intelligence: 31 ([20] + Roll [11])
    Perception: 32 ([20] + Roll [12])
    Willpower: 32 ([20] + Roll [12])
    Fellowship: 28 ([20] + Roll [8])

    Basic Skills:
    Awareness (Per): 32
    Barter (Fel): 14
    Carouse (T): 20
    Charm (Fel): 14
    Climb (S): 40
    Command (Fel): 14
    Common Lore (Administratum) (Int): 15
    Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) (Int): 15
    Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int): 15
    Common Lore (Imperium) (Int): 15
    Common Lore (War) (Int): 15
    Concealment (Ag): 21
    Contortionist (Ag): 21
    Deceive (Fel): 14
    Disguise (Fel): 14
    Dodge (Ag): 52
    Evaluate (Int): 15
    Gamble (Int): 15
    Inquiry (Fel): 14
    Intimidate (S): 50
    Logic (Int): 15
    Scholastic Lore (Philosophy) (Int): 15
    Scrutiny (Per): 16
    Search (Per): 16
    Silent Move (Ag): 21
    Swim (S): 40

    Advanced Skills:
    Drive (Ground Vehicle) (Ag): 42
    Literacy (Int): 31
    Pilot (Military Craft) (Ag): 42
    Secret Tongue (Acolyte) (Int): 31
    Secret Tongue (Military) (Int): 31
    Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int): 31
    Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int): 31

    Sheltered Upbringing: -10 on Charm/Command/Deceive/Scrutiny tests when dealing with the worst examples of humanity.
    Tempered Will: Very Hard Willpower tests only inflict a -20 penalty.

    Basic Weapon Training (Flame)
    Basic Weapon Training (Las)
    Basic Weapon Training (Launcher)
    Basic Weapon Training (SP)
    Crushing Blow
    Melee Weapon Training (Chain)
    Melee Weapon Training (Primitive)
    Pistol Weapon Training (Las)
    Pistol Weapon Training (SP)
    Quick Draw
    Rapid Reload
    Resistance (Fear)
    Step Aside
    Sure Strike
    Swift Attack
    True Grit
    Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic)
    Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee)
    Unshakable Faith

    Experience: 4,850/4,850

    Rank 1 (0 - 499)
    • Weapon Skill (Simple) - 100
    • Ballistic Skill (Simple) - 100
    • Strength (Simple) - 100
    • Awareness - 100
    • Swim - 100

    Rank 2 (500 - 999)
    • Dodge - 100
    • Basic Weapon Training (Launcher) - 100
    • Quick Draw - 100
    • Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) - 200

    Rank 3 (1,000 - 1,999)
    • Ballistic Skill (Intermediate) - 250
    • Toughness (Simple) - 250
    • Rapid Reload - 100
    • Ambidextrous - 200
    • Swift Attack - 200

    Rank 4 (2,000 - 2,999)
    • Crushing Blow - 200
    • Melee Weapon Training (Chain) - 100
    • Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee) - 200
    • Basic Weapon Training (Flame) - 100 xp
    • Intimidate - 100 xp
    • Secret Tongue (Acolyte) - 100 xp
    • Sure Strike - 200

    Rank 5 (3,000 - 5,999)
    • Elite Advance: Unshakable Faith - 200xp
    • Resistance (Fear) - 100xp
    • Dodge +10 -100xp
    • Intimidate +10 - 100xp
    • Agility (Simple) - 250xp
    • Agility (Intermediate) - 500xp
    • Step Aside - 100xp
    • Climb - 200xp
    • Pilot (Military Craft) - 100xp
    • Secret Tongue (Military) - 100xp
    • True Grit - 100xp

    D'Laku Crusade-Pattern Hellgun
    Additional Hellgun Capacitors x2
    Overcharge Pack x1
    Grenade Launcher
    Frag Grenade x12
    Enforcer Light Carapace
    Street Clothes
    1 week Corpse Starch Rations
    Imperial Infantryman's Uplifting Primer
    Dog tags
    128 Thrones

    Corruption & Insanity:
    Corruption Points: 1
    Insanity Points: 8

    Current: 11/11
    Critical Damage: 0
    Fatigue: 0/4

    Fate: 3/3

    • Ballistic Skill (Trained) - 500 xp
    • Ballistic Skill (Expert) - 750xp
    • Weapon Skill (Intermediate) - 250 xp
    • Weapon Skill (Trained) - 500 xp
    • Weapon Skill (Expert) - 750xp
    • Strength (Intermediate) - 250xp
    • Strength (Trained) - 250xp
    • Ciphers (War Cant) - 100xp
    • Common Lore (Imperial Guard) - 100xp
    • Secret Tongue (Military) - 100xp
    • Drive (Ground Vehicle) +10 - 100xp
    • Drive (Ground Vehicle) +20 - 100xp
    • Pilot (Military Craft) - 100xp
    • Pilot (Military Craft) +10 - 100xp
    • Pilot (Military Craft) +20 - 100xp
    • Navigation (Surface) - 100xp
    • Navigation (Surface) +10 - 100xp
    • Crippling Strike - 100xp
    • Die Hard - 100xp
    • True Grit - 100xp
    • Iron Jaw - 200xp
    • Demolition - 100xp
    • Climb - 200xp
    • Bulging Biceps - 100xp
    • Heavy Weapons Training (SP) - 200xp
    • Arms Master - 100xp
    • Pistol Weapon Training (Bolt) - 100xp

    Wolf Scout Ivar Space Wolf Devastator

    As a Wolf Scout, Ivar typically garbs himself in his own personal set of Scout armour, customised over long years of use. While he may have repainted it for his service in the Deathwatch, the various trophies and talismans he adorns it with are still ever present. The most noticeable of these is the belt of thunderwolf hide he wears at his waist, and the necklace made from it's teeth, though there are innumerable others, all trophies of notable kills he has made.

    The man himself has the bearing and pronounced canines of an experienced son of Russ. His skin is worn and leathery, due both to the Canis Helix and the centuries he has spent hunting across the most hostile planets in the galaxy. His hair, now completely gray, is kept short by the standards of his fellow Space Wolves, and his face relatively clean shaven, though numerous braids holding minor trophies and charms dot the scraggly mess. His eyes, constantly surveying his surroundings, now resemble those of a wolf.

    In temperament he seems friendly to most, showing the gregarious nature his chapter is known for, but when pushed or on the hunt he becomes cold and merciless, sacrificing cheer for brutal efficiency. He is proud of his skills as a hunter and as a marksman, and does not tolerate any mockery of them. In particular, he has grown to detest the association that his skills have with the inexperienced neophytes of other chapters.

    A veteran Wolf Scout, Ivar has served his Legion Chapter for centuries. Were it not for his solitary nature and fiercely predatory approach to combat, he would be considered a Long Fang by now. Instead, he has spent those years since his days as a Blood Claw practising the more subtle arts of war. Alone, or in loose groups with other Wolf Scouts, he has tracked, hunted, ambushed, outflanked and assassinated the enemies of man from one end of the galaxy to another and endured the most hostile of environments.

    His recent hunts have not been as fulfilling as they once were, however. It has been years since he felt that a quarry tested his skills, and he fears that he may have grown rusty. It was for this reason that he requested that he be the one to serve his chapter's due to the Deathwatch, in the hopes of finding more challenging targets.

    Character Name: Ivar
    Chapter: Space Wolves
    Specialty Wolf Scout [Devastator]
    Demeanors: Calculating, The Sons of Russ
    Rank: 2 (19,400 XP)
    Renown: 21

    Power Armour: MKVI Corvus Pattern
    -MK7 Elements (Helmet)
    -A Fury Like Lightning (+5 Agility, +1 Initiative)


    Willpower traded for Ballistic Skill Progression.
    Weapon Skill: 39 ([30] + Roll [9])
    Ballistic Skill: 62 ([30] + Roll [17] + Advances [15])
    Strength: 41 ([30] + Roll [11])
    Toughness: 50 ([30] + Roll [15] + Advances [5])
    Agility: 59 ([30] + Roll [14] + Advances [10] + Speciality [5])
    Intelligence: 43 ([30] + Roll [13])
    Perception: 59 ([30] + Roll [19] + Chapter [5] + Advances [5])
    Willpower: 41 ([30] + Roll [11])
    Fellowship: 38 ([30] + Roll [8] + Chapter [5] - Speciality [5])

    Basic Skills:
    Awareness (Per): 62
    Barter (Fel): 19
    Carouse (T): 25
    Charm (Fel): 19
    Climb (S): 41
    Command (Fel): 19
    Concealment (Ag): 59
    Contortionist (Ag): 29
    Deceive (Fel): 19
    Disguise (Fel): 19
    Dodge (Ag): 59
    Evaluate (Int): 21
    Gamble (Int): 21
    Inquiry (Fel): 19
    Intimidate (S): 41
    Logic (Int): 21
    Scrutiny (Per): 29
    Search (Per): 59
    Silent Move (Ag): 69
    Swim (S): 41

    Advanced Skills:
    Common Lore (Adeptus Astartes) (Int): 43
    Common Lore (Deathwatch) (Int): 43
    Common Lore (Imperium) (Int): 43
    Ciphers (Chapter Runes) (Int): 43
    Drive (Ground Vehicles) (Ag): 59
    Forbidden Lore (Xenos) (Int): 43
    Literacy (Int): 43
    Navigation (Surface) (Int): 43
    Scholastic Lore (Codex Astartes) (Int): 43
    Shadowing (Ag): 59
    Speak Language (High Gothic) (Int): 43
    Speak Language (Low Gothic) (Int): 43
    Survival (Int): 43
    Tactics (Recon and Stealth) (Int): 43
    Tracking (Int): 63
    Wrangling (Int): 43

    Behind Enemy Lines
    Unnatural Strength (x2)
    Unnatural Toughness (x2)

    Solo Mode Abilities:
    Burst of Speed
    Feat of Strength
    Wolf Senses

    Astartes Weapons Training
    Bulging Biceps
    Deadeye Shot
    Deathwatch Training
    Heightened Senses (Hearing, Sight, Smell)
    Killing Strike
    Mighty Shot
    Nerves of Steel
    Patient Hunter
    Quick Draw
    Resistance (Psychic Powers)
    Signature Wargear ('Stalker' Pattern Boltgun & Stalker Rounds)
    Talented (Silent Move)
    True Grit
    Unarmed Master
    Unarmed Warrior

    Experience: 19,400/19,400

    Rank 0
    Deed: Canis Salient: Stealth Operations - 300
    Ballistic Skill (Simple) - 200
    Mighty Shot - 500

    Rank 1
    Agility (Simple) - 200
    Agility (Intermediate) - 500
    Ballistic Skill (Intermediate) - 500
    Ballistic Skill (Trained) - 1000
    Perception (Simple) - 200
    Toughness (Simple) - 500
    Tracking +10 - 200
    Tracking +20 - 200
    Search - 400
    Swim - 200
    Wrangling - 100

    Rank 2
    Elite Advance: Wolf Scout Advanced Speciality - 200
    Survival - 200
    Deadeye Shot - 500
    Patient Hunter - 1000
    Signature Wargear - 500

    Rank 2
    Greater Follower (Fenrisian Wolf) - 1500
    Command 300

    Rank 3
    Evaluate - 400
    Signature Wargear (Master) - 1000
    Target Selection - 500
    Crack Shot - 500
    Demolition - 400
    Scrutiny - 400
    Rapid Reload - 300
    Awareness +10 - 300

    Rank 4
    Marksman - 500
    Storm of Iron - 500
    Bolter Drill - 800
    Sudden Attack - 1500
    Ballistic Skill (Expert) 1500
    Rapid Reaction - 500

    Rank 5
    Dodge +10 - 500
    Sharpshooter - 600
    Evaluate +10 - 400
    Awareness +20 - 800
    Hip Shooting - 500
    Fellowship (Simple) - 750
    Tactics (Recon and Stealth) +10 - 400
    Tactics (Recon and Stealth) +20 - 600
    Perception (Intermediate) - 500

    Rank 6
    Last Man Standing - 500
    Agility (Trained) - 1000
    Agility (Expert) - 1500
    Perception (Trained) - 1000
    Concealment +10 800

    Rank 7
    Fearless - 1000
    Signature Wargear (Hero) - 1500
    Eye of Vengeance - 1000
    Evaluate +20 - 400
    Silent Move +10 800
    Shadowing +10 800

    Rank 8 5750/5000
    Dodge +20 - 600
    Perception (Expert) - 1500
    Concealment +20 1000
    Shadowing +20 1000
    Silent Move +20 1000

    'Stalker' Pattern Boltgun
    Stalker Rounds
    Astartes Heavy Bolter
    Backpack Ammo Supply
    Astartes MKVI 'Corvus' Power Armour
    Astartes Scout Armour
    'Stalker' Pattern Silenced Bolt Pistol
    3x Astartes Frag Grenades
    3x Astartes Krak Grenades
    Astartes Combat Knife
    Repair Cement
    Totem of the Sun Wolf

    Preferred Requisitions:
    00 - Deathwatch Scout Armour (Rites of Battle)
    00 - 'Fenris' Pattern Wolf Helm (Rites of Battle)
    20 - Camo-Cloak (Rites of Battle)
    05 - Stummer
    10 - Red-Dot Laser Sight
    10 - Great Wolf Pelt (First Founding)

    Corruption & Insanity:
    Corruption Points: 0
    Insanity Points: 0

    Current: 20/20
    Critical Damage: 0
    Fatigue: 0/10

    Fate: 3/3

    Warp Seer Sid Miles Human Psyker
    Description:Sid acts like he's perpetually stoned. While he does occasionally dabble in narcotics, he usually just high on life (or the warp). He comes across as friendly, easy going sort of fellow, and for the most part he is. Which means plenty of folks underestimate Sid. Not many of them get a second chance though.

    Living among the heretics, criminals and scum of the galaxy has given Sid a serious edge, and a bit of a talent for being a lying, cheating, backstabbing son of a grot if he needs to be. On his own, he's happy to fade into the background, stare at the warp and just space out. But he doesn't like pressure, he doesn't like anyone telling him what to do and he seriously doesn't like being pushed around. When someone gets in Sid's face, he knows how to push back, either with his wits or with a whole heap of telekinetic overkill.

    His ultimate goal is apotheosis, ascension into a Daemon Prince. The temptation of an eternity to just chill out in the warp is too strong for Sid to resist and it's one of the few things that can get Sid up and motivated. He's infatuated with the warp but has yet to commit to a god, though he's leaning towards throwing his lot in with Slaanesh - all of his favourite vices, you know?

    Background: Sid has always been pretty chill. So chill, in fact, that before he was even an adolescent the arbites had already arrested him several times for possession of illegal narcotics. None of it stuck though. Whether by luck, or by actually being innocent, he never seemed to have anything on him when they came by to pick him up. Nowadays he can't even remember if there was anything for the arbites to find, or if he was just high on life. But either way, it pushed him into back alleys and shady places, places where you don't see many arbites.

    He emerged as a wyrd in his teens, and didn't think much of being shipped off to Terra for whatever the feth they do to psykers there. So he went underground. Fell in with a bad crowd, but that's okay. These chaos dudes are cool. They don't bug him much if he just does the psyker thing every so often. Leaves him with a whole lotta time to experiment, see all the wonders of the Warp. And the Warp? Has a whole lotta wonders. Better than any drug he's ever tried. He fething loves the Warp, it's so goddamn beautiful. He could, like, just stare at it for hours.

    Name: Sid Miles
    Race: Human
    Archetype: Psyker
    Pride: Devotion
    Disgrace: Betrayal
    Motivation: Ascendancy


    Weapon Skill: 31 ([25] + Roll [6])
    Ballistic Skill: 33 ([25] + Roll [8])
    Strength: 24 ([25] + Roll [4] - Pride [5])
    Toughness: 37 ([25] + Roll [12])
    Agility: 35 ([25] + Roll [10])
    Intelligence: 35 ([25] + Roll [10])
    Perception: 36 ([25] + Roll [11])
    Willpower: 61 ([25] + Roll [16] + Archetype [5] + Pride [5] + Motivation [5] + Advance [5])
    Fellowship: 34 ([25] + Roll [9])

    Infamy: 24
    Corruption: 8

    Awareness (Per): 36
    Common Lore (Adeptus Astra Telepathica) (Int): 35
    Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int): 35
    Deceive (Fel): 34
    Dodge (Ag): 35
    Forbidden Lore (Psykers) (Int): 35
    Intimidate (Will): 61
    Linguistics (Low Gothic) (Int): 35
    Psyniscience (Per): 36
    Trade (Chymist) (Int): 35

    The Quick And The Dead: Gain a +2 bonus to Initiative rolls.
    Chaos Psyker: Gain Psy Rating 3 and 1d5 Corruption.

    Warp Sense
    Weapon Training (Las)
    Weapon Training (Primary)

    Psy Rating: 4
    Strength: Unbound
    -Thought Sending
    -Mind Probe
    -Mind Over Matter
    -Force Bolt
    -Force Storm
    -Telekinetic Shield
    -Precision Telekinesis

    Experience: 2,500/2,500
    Psy Rating 4 - 750xp
    Willpower (Simple) - 250xp
    Psychic Power (Compel) - 100xp
    Psychic Power (Force Bolt) - 200xp
    Psychic Power (Force Storm) - 350xp
    Psychic Power (Precision Telekinesis) - 100xp
    Psychic Power (Telekinetic Shield) - 200xp
    Deceive (Known) - 200xp
    Unremarkable 250xp

    Common Craftsmanship Laspistol
    Good Craftsmanship Sword
    Flak Cloak
    Dataslate filled with "arcane lore"

    Best Craftsmanship Guard Flak Armour (Makes him seem trustworthy and honest, +5 Deceive)
    Good Craftsmanship Disguise Kit
    Common Craftsmanship Refractor Field
    Poor Craftsmanship Warp Staff (Does not block phenomena on a 33 or 66)

    Current: 8/8
    Critical Damage: 0
    Fatigue: 0/3

    EDIT By my count, if you exclude the starting xp, 1850xp for DH, 500xp for RT and 1,600xp for DW.
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