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    Cadaver looks as Starielle departs and disappears on the night. For a second he stares blankly at the night trying to see through her, but she is cloaked and beyond the Karrnathi's sight.

    The man walks towards Big Kay an unsettling and big presence to say the least, even if once you get to know him he was a better person than he seemed.

    -Kay, tell our scout to not go to far away, in case there is trouble.

    Then he opens his backpack and gives a look to his crossbow before discarding it again on the bag.

    -Click, Cerberus, your eyes are much better than mine, can you see whoever is leading this battle? If we are to fight we better ready to be useful. Lia if we drop you'll be taking the lead you are the fastest and can move without trouble, try to see if there are some routes that we can take without much fight.

    He pats the shoulder of Midnight with a gauntlet hand that clinks against the warforged armor.

    -Maybe the two of us can use some darkness to get in there. Lia, would you be able to silence our movements? This armor will certainly get noisy. Although... that battlefield will be noisy and the sudden silence might draw more attention than the sound, what do you think?
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