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I can confirm the melee boost at least works, as I do more damage during Rage than out of it. Dunno about the DR - I soak so much fire already that it's tough to tell whether I'm simply soaking less or there aren't as many enemies around. I may need a Banshee bolt to test it.
Can you? Most people take the evolution that increases your melee damage by 75% when you killed a target with krogan charge in the last 30 seconds. That's the problem, you have to build a completeluy defensive krogan to check. I'd swear there was a noticeable difference, too. But who knows?

...Detonate the armor to interrupt a Phantom? I'd have never thought of that... I'll have to try it. It's not like I have anything to lose at that point.
Pretty much. Worst case scenario, you have no armor and get gunned down. But then you can be revived, so.

I went 6/0/6/6/6, skipping Carnage. I actually have 200% cooldown (more on this later) so I could probably use it but I think the weapon damage and cooldown stuff are better for my playstyle; I find myself only rarely using Carnage/Concussive on classes that have them.

His loadout is a Disciple V and Acolyte VII. I have an elaborate backstory where he's dating an Asari Matriarch who lent him her old commando weapons for the war. Both guns are modded for melee so I'm not caught with my pants down, and the Acolyte works great since I can stand out in the open to charge it without getting instantly shredded like some of my other classes would be.

I grabbed carnage specifically because I wanted a carnage, non-biotic charge, non-melee build this time. Carnage turned out pretty handy with the revenant, and even more so with incendiary ammo. Light someone up and hit them wit carnage at the last moment; BOOM. Good fun.

My latest build sacrificed the passive training skill, so I'd have everything. I realized that if the rage boosts really don't work though, then the extra point to rage with two kills is wasted and put them into the passive. I've got a 41% recharge, I think. He's a heck of a backline, no-bones-about-it krogan. Not all in theenemy's face, but definitely my team's answer to the cerberus turret.

In addition to this, consumable capacity is very handy; When all 4 members have 5 rockets/medigels, you've got a lot more room for error. But if you're undergeared and need money, FBW Geth farming is a great entry to Gold; just use a class that can contribute like the Human Adept, Salarian Engineer, any Infiltrator (specced for duration) or the N7 Slayer and you'll at least feel like you're helping. (The Adept and two N7s above can shoot their powers through walls, helping you avoid trouble, while the Engineer can hold the door and Infiltrators can run out to grab targets on Disable missions.
Aye. The slayer is one of the best, on white/geth/gold. From the main console area, you can teleport dodge backwards out of the room, and send biotic slashes through the wall to cover allies while they retreat (or just to avoid getting shot to death).

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Well that was fun

Inspired by the above posts I have just dipped my toe into the gold matches, I must say twas rather enjoyable.

I died, on numerous occasions , but I had a good team , one player who clearly knew what she/he was doing ( saved the squad and ended up soloing multiple banshees more than once ) and we stuck together for four matches.

Towards the end I think I could definitely stand to do more matches , and I have developed serious love for my N7 fury as a result of tonight's little run.

on a related note - are the premium specter packs worth it ? I am rather the n00b so I have very little unlocked ( although I did get quite a few n7 weapons and a geth engineer from tonight's run )
That's exactly what drew me in; a single good team doing four or five games, made me think "Wow, this is actually not so bad. Pretty fun too!'

The premium Spectre packs are totally worth it. You'll get rares, at least 2 in a pack, dsometimes more, and you'll also be able to get the uncommons and commons at a much slower pace. What you want to do is max pout a single useful gun of choice from the veteran packs (I suggest Phaeston, Geth Pulse Rifle or Mantis; Phalanx and Tempest are good too) and then devote the rest of your time to PSPs until you're satisfied.

At no point whatsoever is a spectre pack worth the price, though. A spectre pack costs 60k, and gives you 1 rare, a PSP gives you 2 at 99k. For the cost of three spectre packs you can either get 3 rares, with no chance at an ultra rare, or you can get 4 rares with a decent shot at an ultra rare.

Jumb equipment packs are usefule for when you've finally maxed out vet packs, otherwise buying veteran packs for the guns should give you plenty of consumables.