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    Round 3 continued
    Mertes moves out of cover, the javelins bouncing off his hardened skin. He charges the kobold, but it leaps out of the way of the battleaxe.

    Alessa splashes the kobolds next to her, but the attack is not very accurate, only causing one of the minions to step out of the way. She then reverts to humanoid form, causing some confusion and distress to the nearby kobolds.

    Arjhan and Zimelda combine their attacks. Blade, mace, and dragonfire work together to put down the badly wounded Quickblade, and leave the next one bloody and burned. The minion somehow moves out of the way before the fire reaches it.

    Round 4
    One of the dragonshields, noting that one quickblade has fallen and the other is barely on his feet, calls to the Wyrmpriest, with a note of malicious glee in his voice: "Tir wux rigluin letoclo?"

    "Thric, froneel ui onureth rihlilg," responds the bone-masked kobold with a visible shudder. It gestures to one of the minions, which pokes its spear at Arjhan's feet to disrupt his battle rhythm, then backs off. (Aid another success)

    Putting on a brave face, the wyrmpriest then approaches Arjhan, taunting him: "Dout ibafarshani re plythu, ocuir wer vis vers Irontooth majakic!" Rearing back, he sends a searing burst of flame over Zimelda and Arjhan, managing to even burn through some of the Dragonborn's scales (2 hits vs fort, 12 damage each to Zimelda and Arjhan, Arjhan is Bloodied), then backs off slightly.

    Not knowing what to make of Alessa's transformation into a human, the kobolds near her nervously back off, and head towards the scrum just inside the waterfall.

    After the flames cease, the minions use the cover of the steam to scurry into position again, and resume pestering the two Deputies. A javelin misses Zimelda, but the other kobolds do a good job of interfering with their defenses. (3 more aid another successes) Pressing their advantage, the Quickblades charge. Zimelda is saved by the recently-conjured nimbus of magical protection, (quickblade 2 misses) and the newly arrived Quickblade slips in the water and doesn't get off an attack on Arjhan (fumble).

    Up on the walkway, Mertes is suddenly beset by three kobolds who each rush up to him and try to push him off the walkway. The Goliath is one with the mountain, and stands firm (1 aid another success, 2 bullrushes miss fort).

    Further along the walkway, the kobolds with the wolf skull fling it and retrieve it again, resulting in another bonk on the head for Arjhan. (hit reflex, 5 damage to Arjhan)

    The goblin claps his hand to his forehead as the two quickblades flail uselessly, then nods at the Dragonshields, and they start to slowly advance toward the battle. "No! I still win!" calls the Wyrmpriest in broken Common.


    Round 3
    • Wyrmpriest
      • Move - RUN to (n,9)
      • Minor - Incite Faith (Encounter power) All kobolds receive 5 THP
      • Standard - Energy Orb at Zimelda - 16 including run, partial cover (Arjhan), and ruthless demonstration penalties hits reflex 13, for 6 damage
    • Minions
      • Minion 1 - Hide (21 stealth beat Mertes PP 18)
      • Minion 2 - Hide (21 stealth beat Mertes PP 18)
      • Minion 3 - throw skull at Arjhan (18 hit reflex 15, 7 damage)
      • Minion 4 - Aid Another on Alessa, 23 beat DC 11, bonus given to Quickblade 3
      • Minion 5 - javelin at Zimelda, CRIT, 4 damage
      • Minion 6 - Aid another on Arjhan, 12 beat DC 11, bonus given to Quickblade 2
      • Minion 7 - Aid another on Arjhan, 19 beat DC 11, bonus given to Quickblade 1
      • Minion 8 - Hide (28 stealth beat Mertes PP 18)
      • Minion 9 - reel in skull
      • Minion 10 - Aid another on Alessa, 24 beat DC 11, bonus given to Quickblade 3
    • Quickblade 1: Minor - Shifty to Shift away, Move - Fleet Feet to shift away, Standard - Charge Arjhan, 14 miss AC 22
    • Quickblade 2: Minor - Shifty to Shift away, Move - Fleet Feet to shift away, Standard - Charge Arjhan, 11 miss AC 22
    • Quickblade 3: Minor - Shifty to Shift away, Move - Fleet Feet to shift away, Standard - Charge Alessa, 28 hit AC 16, 11 damage after resist
    • Alessa
      • Minor - Second Wind
      • Standard - Scattered Form (2 miss, 1 minion uses Narrow Escape as immediate interrupt to shift away)
      • Move - humanoid form
    • Mertes
      • Minor - Stone Endurance
      • Move - out of cover (javelins have no effect due to Stone Endurance)
      • Standard - Charge minion, miss
    • Zimelda
      • Standard - Priest's Shield, hit, Zimelda and Arjhan get +1AC
      • Free - Divine Fortune
      • Action Point - Healing Strike, hit
    • Arjhan
      • Standard - Valiant Strike hits
      • Minor - Dragonbreath hits Quickblade 2, minion 6 uses Narrow Escape to shift out of the blast
    • Dragonshields
      • Delay
    • Goblin
      • Delay

    Round 4
    • Dragonshield: Free - veiled threat
    • Wyrmpriest
      • Free - assert competence, direct kobolds
      • Move - to (l,3)
      • Standard - Dragonbreath vs. Arjhan (26 hit fort 13) and Zimelda (22 hit fort 15), 12 damage to each
      • Minor - Shifty to shift to (m,3)
    • Lower level Minions - Scamper around, #5 throws javelin (12 miss AC 18), others all use Aid Another and succeed (15, 14, 22, 24 vs DC 11). One kobold had to go before the Wyrmpriest in initiative order for this to work, but it does.
    • Upper level minions - Aid another succeeds (16 vs DC 11), 2 bullrushes fail (5, 10 vs Fort 17)
    • Quickblade #2 - shift away and charge Zimelda (18 miss AC 19)
    • Quickblade #3 - shift away and charge Arjhan (fumble)
    • Goblin: Free - unleash dragonshields, Delay
    • Dragonshields: Move 6 towards battle, ready actions
    • Wyrmpriest: Free - protest ineffectually

    Alessa: 32/35 HP, Scattered Form (resist melee/ranged 50% UENT), Second Wind (+2 all defenses USNT)
    Arjhan: 14/38 HP, Bloodied (+1 to attack)
    Mertes: 23/39 HP, Stone's Endurance (Resist 5 all UENT), no longer sustaining, will require a DC10 endurance check next turn to restart
    Zimelda: 17/29 HP, Priest's Shield (+1 AC UENT)
    Minions: 10 remain, all have 5 THP. #9 is holding the skull. #1, #2, #3, #8, and #9 are on the upper walkway. #4, #6 have used Narrow Escape
    Quickblade 1: DEAD
    Quickblade 2: 27 damage, Bloodied, marked by Zimelda UENT(Zimelda)
    Quickblade 3: 0 damage, 5 THP
    Wyrmpriest: 0 damage
    Dragonshields: 0 Damage, readied actions
    Goblin: 0 Damage, Delay

    Dragonshield: Do you need help?
    Wymrpriest: No, they are under control. / Your flames are weak, see the true power Irontooth gives!

    Up Next: You (yes, you)
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