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    Threat Assessment

    Name: Violetta.

    Sex: Not as far as she can remember.

    Physiology: Subject is a small female unicorn, believed to be around 19 years of age. Coat colour is purple; mane and tail are darker purple and flow smoothly, eyes are red-grey. Mark is a strange circular symbol.

    Psychology: Subject seems distant and detached. Typically in a pleasant mood, but prone to arrogance.

    Origins: Unknown; believed infused with powerful magic causing loss of memory.

    Associations: Fleetwing; Xithr; Gleamy Mind.

    Allegiance: Renegade.

    Abilities: Believed to have inherent talents in magic, although the true extent of her powers is unknown. Also possesses some leadership and mechanical skills.

    Power Rating: 3/7. Below average for magicians, but above ice fairies. Has potential for growth.

    Combat Skills: Average.

    Magic Skills: Strong.

    Shaping Skills: Weak.

    Possessions: Subject is typically unarmed, lightly armoured, and well-dressed. Often carries around pods, spores, or other semi-magical items.

    Threat Level: Significant due to unpredictability; if encountered, exercise great caution.

    Status: Alive; last seen in vicinity of Girdershade.
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