Heh. I still love her skills at manipulation. It's well written and does an excellent job at capturing the character of everything involved.

Now. I'm done procrastinating with enough work to write again!

Madness...or not

In case you were wondering, three people in a floating basket isn't all that comfortable...particularly when one is in plate mail and all are armed. Still, the three of us did rest, a little. Just enough to dream...

I found myself in a...space. I couldn't see anything about it clearly. In front of me were the silhouettes of four beings. They had several sets of wings, and many eyes. I don't know how I could see their eyes in a silhouette, but I did. I heard one of them say "Come, and see."

I approached, and saw a man in a white cloak, bearing a white bow, riding a white horse. The voice waited for me to take that in, then spoke again.

"Your name is Conquest, as is your purpose. Go forth."

With that, I awoke. Kol and Aileph were awake as well, and Jessica was hovering at the edge of the basket.

"Warlock. I take it ye saw that as well."

"The white-cloaked man, called Conquest? Yes, paladin, I did."

Jessica, however, was shaking her head. "What do you mean?"

So we took turns recounting the dream. "I'm a little jealous...I can't dream."

"You aren't missing much. Last time this happened, we saw it happen later. Sleep time is over. We need to keep watch."

We had gone over most of a sea, and come to a vast desert. I could see nothing but blurry sand.

Incidentally, it's even more unpleasant when your eyes see through darkness.

But the worst was when we came to a town in the midst of it. Kol was right to have us on watch. The man in white was there, shooting every zombie in the place. We saw no living humans, and he apparently didn't see us. Likely for the best.

Some hours later, we reached the spot that the compass said the tower would be at. The exact spot, which I realized when I found a spot where the needle just began to spin madly.

No tower in sight.

I turned the compass to see if it was upward or downward of where we stood. The needle continued to spin madly.

Bloody wizards.

Jessica spread her wings.

"I'm going to go check on my friend."

And she flew off. Straight upward.

Kol and I shared a glance.

"Kol...does the fact that she's going to check on a flying 'friend' we didn't see worry you?"

"Yes. Too late to worry about it, though."

"That's almost our motto..."

Aileph stood up and started to trudge after her.

"I'm going to make sure everything's all right with her."

I couldn't think of anything to do, so I took out the journal and start writing.

Then, I felt a pain in my stomach...and saw blood spread across the pages.

I looked up, seeing a figure on the horizon...and a second arrow.

A dream, and a death...

But this time, my soul doesn't wander far.