As the hybrid lover of the forums, I will echo what has been said. I believe in playing good hybrids, or no hybrid. From what I can see, it's quite possible for you to build this effectively, if you are very careful with your power/feat selection. This is a selection from the old guide I started writing for 4E, and it covers hybrid basics.

Hybrid or Multiclass
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Hybrid: If you are new to 4e, creating a hybrid character is the last thing you want to do. Accept that this is here only for more advanced players and even they often screw it up. Simply put, save yourself the headache and just pretend that this option does not exist until you have played 4th edition for at least a few months.

For more advanced players, ask yourself these questions: Why do I need to hybrid? Can multiclassing accomplish my objectives? If so, that is almost always the best bet. If not, make sure that what you are getting from being a hybrid character is equal to or greater than what you are giving up (this is usually not the case).

(There are some basic rules to hybriding, a lot of which is covered in the miscibility table on the 4e forums.)
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This, a thousand times over. One of the great things about 4e is that while there are certainly more powerful builds, it's hard to really gimp yourself if you make decisions that make any sense whatsoever. A novice thrown at the system, making decisions that "make sense," will likely create a character that can contribute reasonably well.

Hybrids are the exception to that rule. The only advice on hybrids in a guide for new players for 4e should be "don't."
If this doesn't throw you off, then there are a few things you need to consider about your character. Does the character need to be a hybrid? Do the mechanics of another class do what you want, and just need refluffing? Or can this be solved with a multiclass feat or two, or a theme?

If you really want to use the mechanics of two separate classes, consider the following.
Where are you getting your AC?
What are you holding in your hands?
What exactly do you want your character to do, mechanically?
Is there any synergy between the Primary and Secondary Stats?
Are your NADs covered?

If you can't answer these questions, then you need to stop and go back and try again. Remember that hybrids get the worst of the combined armor proficiencies. Stats are easy to see, but consider how important certain classes' riders are. Does one class want a weapon in each hand, a single big one, some kind of implement or two? Weapliments are a hybrid's friend.

If you don't have a clear guide in mind, then the sheer number of options available to you will be overwhelming. You will have to choose between two entire classes worth of options, and if you don't actually know how they work, then maybe it isn't time to make a hybrid yet. Play at least one of the classes straight, and once you have a good handle on the game, have your current character get drunk and stay at the tavern, and introduce your new hybrid.

Here is a chart of hybrids that have potential.

If it's not the exact mechanics you want but the fluff, Warlock may be what you want, with a pact blade and Eldritch Strike you are able to stab and blast all you want. Hexblade may work as well. You can grab powers from any pact, which would give you the hodge podge feel of "Wild Magic."

If it is the mechanics you want, there are still options. There is no way to get Sneak Attack on a Sorcerer power, but if you can find minor action attacks from the Rogue side, then you could potentially make two attacks in a round, and that's never bad for a Striker. It does sound like you want to be a melee Sorcerer not a blasting Rogue. Really, you've taken full Sorcerer features and slapped Sneak Attack and some skills onto it, and swapped +1 Will for +1 Reflex. Power selection also clues this in.

You are in cloth armor which is bad for a melee character, but your high Dex will help compensate some. If you have a strong Defender that will help, but again, if you are bursting in melee, that's a lot of baddies looking at you. Consider powers that are reactions to getting hit. You only need a single dagger in your hand which helps, or grab one for blasting and one for slashing if you want. You will have good skills and be a party face and trap monkey, which helps, but your Arcana skill will suffer badly.

You said your party was optimization oriented. Is that the point of the game, or is it a habit? If you are the party Striker things might be rough, but if there is another that makes things easier. The more info you give us, the more we can help.