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Strongly disagree. Anyone who wants to keep the "Good" label, and not be in the Punisher's category of barely-non-antisociality, DOES NOT deny a villain the option of choosing to reform, make restitution and eventually be redeemed by doing more good than they previously have done evil. *snip*
I never said it was the good thing to do, or the heroic thing. I said it's the moral thing. By my own reckoning.

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Then again, I'm True Neutral so what I believe doesn't really have bearing on a Chaotic Good like Fox.
She's taking a chance on Duv right now, that she'll come to her senses and play nice. I expect this decision to result in her death. It's not what I'd do. At least in theory, I wouldn't know for sure since I've never had to kill another person before. It seems like the best way.