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    Default Re: Who's voice do you hear the characters in?

    Some of the suggestions for Xykon here are great. Mel Brooks as a happily evil superviallin who people mistake for being friendlier than he is? I could see that. George Carlin as a guy who's seen it all, hates it all, and finds watching it all crash and burn absolutely hilarious? Hell, that was pretty much half his act. And he was GREAT at it.

    But nonetheless, it doesn't matter to my inner voice actor. Because Xykon absolutely always ends up trying to sound like Jack Nicholson. Even way back when it as explained in-canon that he sounds like Darth Vader, I couldn't make it stick. Xykon's writing just screams Jack Nicholson.

    Julio Scoundrel is either John Astin or Bruce Campbell, depending on my mood.

    Can identical twins have different voice actors? I think they can. Wil Wheaton as Nale, impersonating Elan by doing an impersonation of Neil Patrick Harris doing Elan, may not nail any world records for most coherant sentence about Nale nail Not-Nale with Nale Neil Not-Nale, but it does actually match up pretty well with how I "read" the voices.

    Tarquin, no matter what line it is I'm reading, is Shatner. And probably vice versa. Who knows how many empires are secretly controlled by Shatner? Regular great actors are bards. Great over-actors are Overbards. They gain superhuman Charisma through consumption of scenery. Back in the 80s, there was another great Overbard who made the mistake of giving Shatner a run for his money. R.I.P., Mr. Montalban...

    Kobuta and Therkla are Daniel Dae Kim and Eliza Dushku.

    I think all of my other opinions fall more into the category of actual casting choices, as in "if you had to go out and choose someone, who would come closest?". The ones I've listed in this thread just cover voices that I actually automatically "hear."
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