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    Lia's lips perk up into a small smile at the Thri-Keen's remark, not looking up from her arrows. The green fletchings of her normal arrows seem to be in good shape, and she moves onto her silver tipped arrows.

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    -Lia, would you be able to silence our movements? This armor will certainly get noisy. Although... that battlefield will be noisy and the sudden silence might draw more attention than the sound, what do you think?
    "Easily, but you'd have to stay close to me" Lia replied levelly, keeping focused on her task as she did so, "And if it comes to a fight, you know that won't be possible for very long"

    Placing aside her quiver for a moment, she looked back at the Knight. While she had needed to put aside many of her opinions on the practice of Necromancy to the side to work with this group, she still preferred not to associate with the sometimes Necromancer, and absolutely refused to deal with the crew of Skeletons that manned the Riddle. Having to keep close to him would be...awkward.

    But that didn't matter; she was a part of the team, and she would pull her weight. Even if she didn't like it.

    Perhaps she could hide in his shadow.

    "I'll make sure your armor doesn't make a sound until Combat begins, Cadaver" She told the Knight, a friendly smile on her tattooed face.
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    Forgive me for being ignorant, but how would 15/adamantine protect the dragon from hitting the ground at over 4,4 billion newtons?