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Thread: Mass Effect 3.7: "That was for Thane"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zevox View Post
    The Carnifex got heavier? Damn it, I already needed more ranks in that thing and/or in my Pistol ULM mod to use it - now it's going to take even more.

    Striker got more ammo, nice.

    Pirannah got sort of nerfed, I guess? Don't know whether an ammo decrease will affect it that much given the kind of firepower everyone says it has.

    I was about to ask about the battlefield soldier, actually. Just got one. Any idea on how to spec him?

    I noticed the increase in damage from frag grenades, too. Impressive. They've become more tactical, as every time I dropped one I staggered an atlas. It was neat.
    The Carnifex weight boost is nice. I mean, it sucks, but it does make other hand guns actually useful for a change. Once you got Carnifex ten there was seriously no need to ever bring a different gun to the fight.
    Finally, the reduction on piranha clip size is going to hue te gun pretty bad. It's damage output was based on getting a full 8 shots out in about 3 seconds, averaging (782*8)/3=2,085 per second, meaning a geth infiltrator with hunter mode, Tac cloak and proxy mine was striking with three and a third javelins every full second. The lack of a reload cancel for the piranha, and it's reload speed, should cut it back enough not to be the game's best weapon.

    Speaking of, I've got the argus at rank VII, and the eagle at the same. the eagle is actually useful on adepts, I've found, though that may have been the surprise damage boost I didn't know about. I figured it's stronger than most assault rifles, why not give it a go? The argus however is still terrible. Inaccurate, slow, and with heavy enough recoil to suck. For its weight, I'm better off with the vindicator, which can at least be budge up to about the same damage (due to not requiring a recoil reducer) and save myself the weight.

    EDIT: quick and dirty math, the eagle at Rank VII; 100.5 damage per slug. That exceeds the typhoon in single-shot damage. Wow.the harrier averages, what, 112? The eagle heavy pistol is now the strongest SMG XD
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