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    Undead versus warforged... well that might mean that Karrnath was on the side of undead. But that was wrong, one thing was to ask a soldier to keep serving his country after death but to fill the ranks with the dead of the enemy... that was barely ethic. Although Cadaver had to admit that the tactics and strategy behind that move was solid.

    -Well if there are undead they might be Karrnathi, but Karrnath normally only brings back those who have a sworn duty. I doubt that the host is being lead by mindless undead, there should be Karrnathi dead marshals and skeletons somewhere. Those will be enough to keep the morale and push the undead, without need for banner.

    Cadaver's eyes for recognizing the undead are pretty good and he knows what he is searching for, any unusual undead among the rank.

    -Defeating those might change the tide of the battle as the mindless get loose. Any insight on the warforged tactics Midnight? You are probably more suited than I to answer that.

    Then he turns to Lia with a nod.

    -I'll keep close.

    Looking at Big Kay.

    -That would be a risky jump, but there ain't a risky jump for a trooper is it? On choosing a side, well, if Karrnath is down there I could have had a personal interest months ago, but its gone now. If the battle were among others I would go for the supply tent, but neither undead nor warforged need much.
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