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Silverpine's [/B]butt (hehe) seemed to make a loud sounding crunch. However, the face blasted elder stallion eye doctor seemed to just shrug it off and pushed himself with his forelegs and threw himself with fangs bared at Silverpine, funked face and fractured hind legs and all. Gearstride yelled out finding a strength in her as she slammed herself against the elderly vampony with a wince.

[stealing from Lycan in the Fallout Equestria FFRP, don't tell ;D]

-Daniel and Miss M have an earth pony female vampony in quite the bind
-Sandy has an opportunity in front of him, along with a derped Zephyr
-Rainbow has herself a vampony pin cushion
-Silverpine and Gearstride have a rather relentless elderly stallion on their hooves, time to send him into retirement?
-Staccata is about to get hit with a fly by attack by the lithe 12 year old buck

4 Dead
3 Incapacitated
5 Questionably Engaged

[Gearstride-7 flash bombs, 6 explosive bombs, 1 sticky bomb]
(2 shells left in automatic shotgun, 2 shells in hunting shotgun, 16 in bag)

"Ooof!" Silverpine yelped in surprise as he was tackled fang-first by the goddurn vampony that just won't stay down. A stray fang broke the skin on his exposed forehoof as he flailed to keep the vampony off him, using his shotgun to block the worst of the attack. "Captain! We're not going to make it out of here by having mercy on them!"