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"So then I gather..." Dawnstrider begins slowly, calmly, but with just a hint of danger in his voice, like he's trying to be calm while thinking 'answer this very carefully or I will turn undead your sorry hindquarters without a second thought'. "That her crimes was merely delusions of grandeur, possibly due to minor psychosis, and so you deigned to attempt to fix the problem by attacking her for what she likely believed to be no reason at all and then imprisoned her for an indeterminate amount of time. Please, do correct me if I am at any point wrong." He starts to lose a bit of control during the emphasis, coming off as slightly more angry, even...a bit righteous. His black armor flickers a bit, glowing for a brief moment.
Night Jewel smirked. "Oh, you've got her there."

"She had more than just delusions. She had the power to back them up. We gave her a chance to stand down, take back her words, but she refused. It took a force of five, most with their own strong magic, just to force her to back down!"

Starfire's aspect twitched. "Perhaps you should see her for yourself. You still don't quite understand how dangerous she is. That much power in a rebellious mind could destroy everything you've ever known!"

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"Jobs to jobs are jobs to the first. Hm. That made more sense before I said it. But yes, the second one. Into the belly of fire and almost certain destruction of something, ahoy!"
"All right, then! Come along!"

The tunnels grew hotter and hotter until the pair reached the chamber with the bound Obsididan Flare, lying among magma fissures.

"Ah, surface ponies. You have returned sooner than I expected. Tell me, have you come to a decision yet?"