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Vamponies of the Night

The vampony Sandy was contending with went for trying to headbutt and bite Sandy as he tried to stake his flank using the remnants of his vampony strength to keep Sandy from holding down his neck. Zephyr's eight seconds or so, were of him underping, he'd be useful next round.
Sandy grunted in pain as the vampony's sledgehammer headbutt met his chest, severe damage staved off by his trusty armor. The little stallion was knocked to the ground and was immediately pounced upon by his enemy, the vampony's sharp fangs tearing bloody streaks in his cheeks like a knife through hot butter. Through the pain, Sandy grin-grimaced up at his opponent. "Heh...now I gotcha!" His stakes arced around into the vampony's flank; dodging wasn't so easy when you were focused on eating somepony's face off. Once the attack hit, he'd try his hardest to get the vampony's vice-like jaws out of his cheek.