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    Default Re: [DnD4E] Snowbody's Keep on the Shadowfell (IC)

    The elemental in her human guise strides forward towards the melee. Mok jetner. Pjemk! she roars; though vocal sounds are heard, most of the speech consists of sounds of the ocean, washing waves and rain, overlaid with the short words. As she says this, a portal to the Elemental Chaos is ripped open for a brief moment. For a moment, it seems if nothing has happened, but then a wave of grey-green liquid leaps from the portal, squeezing through just as it closes. A tendril of the slime stretches over a kobold in its path, attempting to snare the wyrmpriest. This lesser elemental will obey me. Treat it as an ally, she informs her allies. Alessa then collapses back into a roiling wave of water.

    Unfortunately, the sloshing slime completely misses the wyrmpriest.

    Move Action: To j4
    Standard Action: 1D - Summon Slime Elemental, @ m0, attack Wyrmpriest
    Minor Action: Shift back into Elemental Form

    Updated Map: http://beta.ditzie.com/50632275997f9 [Had to turn one of the boys into the elemental, couldn't figure out how to add a new token]

    Attack vs. Wyrmpriest: (1d20+6)[7] vs. Reflex
    Hit: (1d8+5)[9] damage and pulled to m1.
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