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    Default Re: [FwM] Bridle Shores 90210-Mlp without the Kiddy Thread XIII

    Quote Originally Posted by Mindfreak View Post
    Aero is cooking pancakes!
    The colt staggers, then trips and falls on his face

    Barb frowns.
    "How goes the ore extraction?"
    "Faster after you sent that tower from underground, and there seems to still be more, the mine seems to be much larger than expected"

    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post

    "Over there! On the left side of the gate, I will take the right side, Silent Snow will be in the guard booth thingy,"
    He happily pointed at the left side of the gate. For all intents and purposes, past the south entrance here, into Bridle Shores, lead into the more suburban area of Bridle Shores, with the more civilian housing than the main part of town. Also, the cemetery.
    "Oh... thanks!"
    She just steps to that side of the gate and stands still for a while
    "...Uh, is that all? just stand here?"
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