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Thread: Mass Effect 3.7: "That was for Thane"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morty View Post
    Last three attempts were a Human Infiltrator with a Mantis, a Krogan Soldier with a Scimitar and Widow and a Human Soldier with a Mattock.
    What level is your Scimitar? That's a caster shotgun - I would try to get a stronger one if possible. Depending on the level, Katana X may actually pack more punch, and you shouldn't have to worry about weight on a Krogan Soldier.

    I would consider dropping one of those weapons altogether for an assault rifle as well, if you have a good one. The Krogans' strength lies in their durability, allowing you to hang out of cover longer and pump sustained fire into enemies from fairly close without dying. So a Phaeston, Revenant, even a Mattock/Sabre might be a better option if available.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf DW View Post
    EDIT: Oh! I forgot to mention that I got an acolyte last night. Time to see what this pistol can do!
    I have an Acolyte VII - It works quite well at mid-range. (The projectile tends to fall short if you get much further out than that, unless you arc it upward.) It's light, but you have to hang out of cover to charge it, so I prefer it on a tougher character like a Vanguard (who can instantly recharge their shields if need be) a Sentinel, or a caster Soldier.

    It's great at stopping enemies that advance in packs, especially Hunters. One charged shot is usually enough to drop their shields (which decloaks and staggers them) with a second shot finishing off the lot. The radius is smallish but you can typically hit 3-4 enemies if they bunch up. Like the Scorpion, it's also good for peppering Phantoms' feet to keep them somersaulting (and therefore not firing their palm laser or getting into stab distance) but the need to charge up each shot can easily get you killed if you're not careful.
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    But really, the important lesson here is this: Rather than making assumptions that don't fit with the text and then complaining about the text being wrong, why not just choose different assumptions that DO fit with the text?
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