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Drawing a distinction between "good" and "moral" is wickety at best, at least IMO. As I said before, making decisions on the basis of expediency rather than principle is Neutral at best.
Of course it's neutral, I said so myself. "Moral" means different things depending on who you talk to, in the interest of not ruining the thread let's please not go into the specifics of that.

You do not "know"; you assume. The Joker is sick in the head, and he probably won't just wake up well, but it's not impossible.
Yeah it is impossible, mental illness doesn't just go away. It's a fundamental difference in the physiology of their brain.

Once again, YOU do not condemn anyone. The Joker does. He is not a disease, he is not a wild animal; he is a sentient human being and remains 100% responsible for his own actions at all times.
If that was true he'd go to prison instead of an asylum for the criminally insane. They send him to Arkham because he can't be saved, only contained.

That much is agreed. But we don't know that Duv is anywhere near as irredeemable as the Joker - though we also don't know that Saves is as much an idealist as Batman.
I'm willing to agree to this. Duv may very well turn out to be more redeemable than I expected, and if she does mend her ways I'll be the first to come on here and admit I was wrong about her. If she kills Fox, well, I'll just say "Called it."