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Thread: My Little Pony LIV:E Long and Pony!

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    As for pony swears, "By Fimbulwinters frosty feet!" should be common in any cold-based area.

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    My Little Roleplay: This Will Not Likely End Well
    *a small portal opens and a cube is tossed through, which projects a hologram of Professor Boffinspark*
    Pardon me, miss, but your current condition is the result of an experiment that your father was helping me with. You see, those cupcakes you helped yourself to were laced with a retrovirus that transformed you into your current state.
    On that note, I'd like to know how you're feeling right now. Are you experiencing any unusual thoughts or feelings? In particular, would you describe yourself as feeling "greater and more powerful than the dawn"?

    "Greater and more powerful than the dawn"?
    It's a phrase that keeps coming up during interviews with subjects that have hormonal imbalances.
    My Little Roleplay: He Draws Little Seaside Towns, Too.

    Great, so Silent is attempting to find a way to get into his original body, Nightcore just wants to rule over something, and your just hanging on for giggles?

    Yeah, thats pretty much it. Great tea, by the way.

    Thank you. Oh,and Charnel?

    A little sociopath. Between the undead ichor in her veins, the fire elemental, no offence, and what seems to be my folk in her little body, no wonder she's a hug-obsessed mess.




    So, Nightcore ran off screaming something about "A Night That Shall Last Forever", and I thought I had heard that before. Any ideas?

    Tirek, actualy.

    Whoa, realy?

    Yeah, he's mellowed out a lot.


    Tartarus's gates were blasted open, sweetie. I think he got a day-job somewhere. He probably owns a little garden shop or somesuch now.

    Wow, good for him. Always like to see a stal.....entity get back on all four legs and take his life back.

    Indeed. I think there making a movie about it.
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    Oh Pokonic, never change. And never become my D.M.
    To those that are wondering; it's a unicorn leather knife hilt.
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