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    Quote Originally Posted by PurityIcekiller View Post
    Night Jewel smirked. "Oh, you've got her there."

    "She had more than just delusions. She had the power to back them up. We gave her a chance to stand down, take back her words, but she refused. It took a force of five, most with their own strong magic, just to force her to back down!"

    Starfire's aspect twitched. "Perhaps you should see her for yourself. You still don't quite understand how dangerous she is. That much power in a rebellious mind could destroy everything you've ever known!"
    "Oh yes, I do know. Much more than you do. I know not simply what she is. I was her. And now I stand before you, a paladin, a defender of light. I was given a chance, and now the fate of the world is no longer to chance at my hooves. But because of your decisions, Starfire, because you did not bother to see, our fates now hang again in the balance." With conscious effort, he pushes that last bit of fury to the surface, and his armor flashes fully golden and glowing.

    "You have failed in your duty as a paladin, Starfire. Because of your thoughtlessness, you have endangered the world more than you know. I offer you but one chance to redeem yourself: Follow into the fire and face your mistake, or lay here as a spirit for eternity to consider what you have wrought.

    Decide quickly, for I move now to clean up your mess."
    True to his word, Dawnstrider begins moving further, deeper.

    "All right, then! Come along!"

    The tunnels grew hotter and hotter until the pair reached the chamber with the bound Obsididan Flare, lying among magma fissures.

    "Ah, surface ponies. You have returned sooner than I expected. Tell me, have you come to a decision yet?"
    "Oh! Um. Hi. Err...

    What decision should we have made, exactly?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Benson View Post
    Vamponies of the Night

    The little bugger refused to give any openings, almost coming off as if though this was a show for the twelve year old or so colt, he seemed almost theatrical, as if though a bit of his possible personality was creeping out. His wings barely grazed Staccata as she dodged out of the way while he also made to dodge out of Daniel's way.

    Miss M stayed by the tied up earth vampony's side and angrily whispered to her. "Move, and you die of your own accord, and if your orders are to kill us, then, you'd be failing your orders by moving..." The vampony only stared back at Miss M with big glossed over purple eyes, she opened her mouth as if to snarl. Her ears picked up Staccata's words.

    "Trying not to die and apparently trying not to murder these innocents,"
    Miss M shook her head, it was such a difficult task in all reality.

    The vampony Sandy was contending with went for trying to headbutt and bite Sandy as he tried to stake his flank using the remnants of his vampony strength to keep Sandy from holding down his neck. Zephyr's eight seconds or so, were of him underping, he'd be useful next round.

    The vampony Rainbow was contending with made to kick her as she leaped apparently rather high up to him.

    Minor retcon I suppose here. Senior Vampony, who was apparently on Silverpine kept trying to get at him like some sort of zombie, which ya know, vamponies, zombies, not so different, and these ones were on the partial mindless side anyway. And then Gearstride yelled out finding a strength in her as she slammed herself against the elderly vampony with a wince giving Silverpine a window to get up and be awesome.

    "We have to try lieutenant...we just have to....!"

    4 Dead
    4 Incapacitated
    4 Questionably Engaged

    -Daniel and Staccata dealing with flighty McAcrobat here
    -Sandy getting all stoic silencer on a vampony trying to headbutt and bite
    -Rainbow may or may not get kicked in the face as she leaps up high
    -Silverpine and Gearstride have a face blasted in, broken legged old fella was just tackled
    ...I don't have time for this Mickey Moose chicanery. Daniel thought to himself, quickly moving 'chicanery' to his 'words to remember' brain slot.

    He takes out the rest of his rope and makes a lasso.

    "HEY! You flying, ungraceful turd...
    Isn't it clear yet, haven't you heard?
    You and your stupid, ineffectual boss
    Are already failing, 'cause you've already lost!"
    He uses the rhyme with a bit of extra push to broadcast 'I'm a huge threat AND I'm insulting your master...doesn't that make you stunned with indignance?'

    And then he tosses the lasso around his wings.

    (tl;dr - Daniel rhymes to make the acrobat stop momentarily and tosses the rope around him to drag him down once he does...if he does.)
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