Seemings? Easy:

Beasts: People who were taken and changed into beasts of various kinds.

Darklings: People who were taken and infused with aspects of darkness and the night. Things like forbidden knowledge, dealing with the dead, surviving in tight, dark, claustrophobic tunnels, draining people of their life force, and impersonating others.

Elementals: People who were taken and infused with various elements. Where the beasts spent time as some kind of animal, these ones spent time as ice sculptures, snow drifts, river currents, breezes, living flames, living rocks, and the occasional tree.

Fairest: Of Them All. That's really all they are. Humans infused with aspects of some form of beauty, be it art, physical perfection, the majesty of mythical creatures like dragons, dancing or similar things.

Ogres: They'll grind your bones to make their bread. Or just smash you into pulp. They're big, they're ugly, they're occasionally cannibalistic.

Wizened: Think tinkering gnomes and dwarves. Twisted little things that were forced to craft, tinker, experiment, and heal.