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    Quote Originally Posted by Forum Explorer View Post
    Hey I had a question for you.

    Do you have AotrS written up in your wargames? And how well do they hold up against the Jackyons and Cybertanks in ground and space?

    Actually how do the Jackyons do in space period? You told us about some of their land battles but I don't think we've gotten any mention of a space battle yet.
    Of course!

    I can only answer the latter, currently. My Aotrs ground force currently exists in 28mm form, and the Jalyrkieons and Cybertanks are both in 144. However, the Aotrs 144 is next on my to do list (indeed, I have already started, with Hunter Drones and the Gloombat and Fallen Soul), as after the Strayvians and Jalyrkieons, I am confident that I can do the infantry. (And, of course, this also means I can do much more accurate versions of the vehicles - given I'm CADing them up, as opposed to the stand-ins I currently use (from a variety of sources).)

    As to the space battles then: The Aotrs starfleet has - like the real thing - consistently won every game it has ever been in, in all sets of starship rules it's been used in. The last battle I played with them, was, in fact, against the Jalyrkieons, and it was a complete curb-stomp (unfortunately, as it doesn't make for a very interesting game).

    Ironically, the Jalyrkieons had themselves until then been on a winning streak, beating the SSA on a couple of occasions (who had themselves been on a winning streak before that...!)

    With the Cybertanks, it really varies. Actually, doing a quick check, they've won consistently a third of their battles in Accelerate & Attack, which is about right, given their tactics... (Though they have probably fought the most, having been in, by a rough count, about 30% of all the games we've played.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Lix Lorn View Post
    I do not like lawful evil.
    And I hate LAWFUL Evil more.
    And yet you insist on pursuing me, who is about as LE as they come...

    The mind boggles.

    Though I can fully understand you feelins towards the Imperium...
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