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Are there rules for fielding Commodore Bleakbane and/or Commander Hopereaver?
Special characters are BEST units.
Not specifically, no. (Of course, I'm navy, not army.) Though I have stats for Undead commanders, which includes my army contemporaries. Though, of course, Manouver Group is not really a weapons factor game (it's more of a tactics simulator, and one that's only interested in modelling effects at that), so not strictly special rules in the way you would get characters in 40K or Warmachine or something, no. (And again, at 12mm, MG's more suited to vehicle games than infantry, which tends to be the better purview of 28mm. One day, when 3D printing gets cheap enough to do 25/28mm...)

Tempted to do a figure suited for me at 144 when the times comes, of course, though whether I will or not entirely depends on how much doing 144 infantry makes my skull leak.