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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiki Snakes View Post
    A question occurs to me regarding the Army of the Red Spear's record in the system. Why exactly is it that they have such a good record? Is it just a case of good luck and few games, or is it a game-balance issue?

    Of course, if it was a game balance issue that's only a problem if that kind of balance is a priority of the game system, rather than say merely modelling the reality of the situation.
    Not too many games played (largely because of the aforementioned tendancy to win); largely, it's just a combination of being extremely well optimised for the tactics used (due to our high-tech, long range missiles and Gate drive), and, in the rules, being high tech enough to be extremely dangerous without being phenominally costly, like say, the Shardan.

    (Again, it should be noted that AccAtt doesn't really have "special rules" per se for fleets, just a series of common weapon systems of varying tech levels, though only some of which a given race's tech tree will have access to. (The Aotrs is one of the very few races that has non-typical technology1; one unique weapon system in the Drain Cannons, but they're only mounted on one Midnight-D Dreadnought which doesn't come out much, and it's even then not a weapon that does the damage.))

    1In the rules, that is, which don't distinguish meanignfully between lazers, partical lasers, coldbeams or disruptors, say, only only broadly between different types of FTL (considering only the relative speed and function (e.g. teleport (us, technically, the SSA warp-drive or the Rift Collective), portal (standard hyperdrive) or "straight-line" (e.g. the Galactic Empire).)
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