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    Quote Originally Posted by Lix Lorn View Post
    My persona is powerful enough to be mistaken for a goddess. I get by with it by not engaging in fights. Thus I don't like it when people espouse philosophies that offend her/me enough that I CANNOT stand aside.
    Not taking action doesn't change the power level of a character or persona. What I'm saying, I think, is that if someone has a problem with characters of that kind of power then self restraint won't change their opinion of the situation. Conversely, if someone doesn't have a problem with a character that could do such a thing, I wouldn't imagine that taking action would negatively change their opinion. The nature of the action itself may be a relevant concern, of course, but that's another matter altogether.
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    The character itself is not fundementally changed by the presence or absence of action.

    Quote Originally Posted by Aotrs Commander View Post
    Not too many games played (largely because of the aforementioned tendancy to win); largely, it's just a combination of being extremely well optimised for the tactics used (due to our high-tech, long range missiles and Gate drive), and, in the rules, being high tech enough to be extremely dangerous without being phenominally costly, like say, the Shardan.

    (Again, it should be noted that AccAtt doesn't really have "special rules" per se for fleets, just a series of common weapon systems of varying tech levels, though only some of which a given race's tech tree will have access to. (The Aotrs is one of the very few races that has non-typical technology1; one unique weapon system in the Drain Cannons, but they're only mounted on one Midnight-D Dreadnought which doesn't come out much, and it's even then not a weapon that does the damage.))

    1In the rules, that is, which don't distinguish meanignfully between lazers, partical lasers, coldbeams or disruptors, say, only only broadly between different types of FTL (considering only the relative speed and function (e.g. teleport (us, technically, the SSA warp-drive or the Rift Collective), portal (standard hyperdrive) or "straight-line" (e.g. the Galactic Empire).)
    Sounds like it could be worth using the Aotrs more often. If it's a statistical fluke, then that should become obvious in time and that would mean you'd be more likely to be able to use them without feeling like it risks making the game less fun or something. If it's not a statistical fluke, then points costs or something could be tweaked to balance them out a little and once again this could mean they get used more (which is surely a good thing).

    Or is it the case that the cost is determined by what the units/fleet/etc actually has? So it's literally a quirk of the seperately chosen items that make up an Aotrs ship from a menu of universally fixed cost choices?

    As for Infantry Modelling, two thoughts;
    When engaging in planetside combat, you would naturally gravitate to an infantry role then? Secondly, if all else fails you could always have your own custom command vehicle designed if CADing yourself on foot turns out to be too infuriatingly fiddly.
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