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"Oh...there seems to be a piece under us..."

She stomps with her hoof, sending a chunk out of the ground and up toward's Doth's chin.
"There we go!"
When the piece comes up it hits him.... wait what?
He would just fall backwards onto his side, the chair too, the radiant property of the metal making it stronger against him, but it still just dazing him a bit; then he just chuckles while rubbing his chin with a hoof
"Hehe, That's exactly what I mean....t"

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Aero chuckled a little and started flipping pancakes.
"Go on kiddo, I'll call you in when they're ready."
The little colt would just stand up, still staggery
Then go grab a BIG pot of honey
"And then I would go see if there's already bees in the box outside !"