Vamponies, Sunshines, and Lollipops

The vampy on Sandy gasped as his flank was staked with such wooden poison, giving Sandy that window to get himself from biting reach. He had a nice bleeding bite mark that would want to refuse to stop trickling. Zephyr spat on his hoof and offered to rub it over his cheek.

Rainbow's vampony that she harpooned decided to kamikaze down at her instead of allowing to be pulled down, arrow in his eye be damned.

Staccata, as mentioned gets winged in the face, it would hurt something decent surprisingly, or not surprisingly, eeeeh. "That's why...we require alright Miss?" Miss M asked as her own wounds, cuts, broken ribs, began to repair.

Silverpine's vampony seemed deadish appearance-wise at the moment after his strong buck.

Amusingly or not, the acrobatic buck does stop and then goes about catching the lasso in his mouth as pulled hard.

4 Dead
6 Incapacitated maybe
2 Questionably Engaged

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"Oh... Ok"
She stands still, silent for a while while looking for a subject
"...So you've been living here for long?"

"Mmm, about a seven months, I'm originally from Fillydelphia."