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Funny story - my Battlemaster was only 17, and before that my only Vanguards have been Novaguards, Project Phoenix and Slayers. So I didn't actually have Martial Artist yet. Just got it last night, but I packed it in before I could test it.

Tonight I'll get him to 20, take the 2-rage evo, and test my defense with some rocket troopers and get back to you. If rage doesn't work... well, at least I'll still have Martial Artist, and can refocus on damage-soaking otherwise.

See, my view is - if you're going to go with a hang-back-and-spank Krogan, you may as well get one with grenades, which do way more damage than Carnage can hope to.
I dislike grenades. EVERYONE uses them, which means without serendipity on my side, I'll have one grenade per wave. Conversely I'll have all the Carnage I need.

GPR is rare actually, so maxing it out of Vet packs is going to take awhile. (It's also generally not worth it - factoring in the reload times, the Avenger does more dps! Well, except at stupidly long ranges.)
Yeah, my bad. I was thinking vindicator. Also, DPS isn't all that; the pulse rifle can sustain fire for a much longer period, and guerilla warfare is less affected by long reload speeds.

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Which is a shame, really, because it was once a higher tier weapon. I wish that they had kept it more like the pulse rifle in ME1.

EDIT: Oh! I forgot to mention that I got an acolyte last night. Time to see what this pistol can do!
It's a great fun when you learn it. I actually like toting it on casting soldiers, as an acolyte shot interspersed with concussive shot or carnage is pretty slick. Especially against, say, geth pyros who dive sideways when you fire the power, letting you compensate with the (more potent) acolyte.

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Right, I forgot to mention - I equipped a Revenant with the Omni-Blade upgrade on him instead of the Scimitar. I haven't had the occasion to try it out yet, though.
That was standard on my Krogan for a while. I switched it, instead using ammo and AP on the Revenant, and putting a bayonet on my shotgun. The shotgun is more useful at melee range anyway.

Still, good choice.

So, Nopony knows how to spec a battlefield soldier? Nopony?