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    Round 4 continued
    Alessa summons a desperately needed ally, then returns to her watery shape. The kobolds react with disgust toward the amorphous blob.

    Zimelda takes a minute to pull herself together. Good thing for her that Arjhan is drawing the attention of the kobolds.

    Mertes barrels through the kobold lines, mocking their feeble efforts to slow him down or even get past his rock-hard skin. The walkway is a little too narrow for him to get off a good swing, so he leaves the three kobolds behind and charges off toward the west edge of the cavern, easily dispatching the two kobolds there. He exults in the kills, but his soul lusts for real battle, not these contemptible weaklings.

    Arjhan's sword sweep finishes off the second quickblade and draws the attention of all near him.

    Round 5
    The wyrmpriest calls back to the Dragonshields, "I clean ugly mess -- see?" It spits a ball of fire at the newly appeared slime, sizzling some of its essence away (hit reflex, 7 damage to slime). The goblin grunts in approval, but the dragonshields snort in derision.

    In deference to the Wyrmpriest, one of the minions peels away from Arjhan and charges at the slime, amazingly slicing it in half! (CRIT, 4 damage to slime). The halves reform, but the slime is looking pretty shaky.

    Another minion heads into the center of the cavern to retrieve the skull. It kicks it up to the kobolds that just failed to deter Mertes. Tears come to its eyes and it cries out in pain, grabbing its foot -- but then it steels itself, thanks to the determination to fight on provided by the Wyrmpriest. (Minion takes 5 damage for flubbing the kick)

    A minion catches the skull and grabs onto the pull-rope, then hands the skull to its adjacent fellow. That one throws the skull at Alessa, but misses. The first one then reels the skull back in. The third kobold scampers along the east walkway and throws a javelin at the slime, splattering it even more. (hit, 4 damage to slime)

    The other minions swarm around Arjhan to disrupt his footing and loosen his armor, partially succeeding (aid another 2 success 1 failure). This opens the way for the final Quickblade to charge in and plunge his sword into the hip joint of Arjhan's armor, spilling the Dragonborn's blood again (hit, 13 damage to Arjhan after resist). But the servant of the Platinum Dragon just looks even more determined.

    The dragonshields continue their slow advance. They, at least, will be worthy foes for Mertes...if he can get there in time.


    Round 4
    • Dragonshield: Free - veiled threat
    • Wyrmpriest
      • Free - assert competence, direct kobolds
      • Move - to (l,3)
      • Standard - Dragonbreath vs. Arjhan (26 hit fort 13) and Zimelda (22 hit fort 15), 12 damage to each
      • Minor - Shifty to shift to (m,3)
    • Lower level Minions - Scamper around, #5 throws javelin (12 miss AC 18), others all use Aid Another and succeed (15, 14, 22, 24 vs DC 11). One kobold had to go before the Wyrmpriest in initiative order for this to work, but it does.
    • Upper level minions - Aid another succeeds (16 vs DC 11), 2 bullrushes fail (5, 10 vs Fort 17)
    • Quickblade #2 - shift away and charge Zimelda (18 miss AC 19)
    • Quickblade #3 - shift away and charge Arjhan (fumble)
    • Goblin: Delay
    • Dragonshields: Move 6 towards battle, ready actions
    • Wyrmpriest: Free - protest ineffectually
    [*]Alessa [*]Zimelda - Second Wind, surge spent, 8HP regained, +2 to all def USNT[*]Mertes
    • Minor
    • Standard
    • Move
    • AP
    • Free
    [*]Arjhan -

    Round 5
    • Wyrmpriest
      • Standard: Fireball at Slime (17 hit reflex 16, 7 damage)
      • move to p7
    • Lower level minions
      • #4 charges the slime and crits for 4 damage
      • #5, #7, and #10 use aid another on Arjhan, results 11, 7, and 24, giving the +3 bonus to the Quickblade
      • #6 kicks skull up to kobolds on top level, losing his THP in the process
    • Upper level minions
      • #1 catches the skull, passes it to #2, and readies an action
      • #2 throws the skull at Alessa and misses with a 13 vs ref 16
      • #1 then reels the skull in again
      • #8 throws a javelin at the slime and hits with a 22, 4 damage.
    • Quickblade
      • Minor - shifty to shift away
      • Move - Fleet Feet to shift away
      • Standard - Charge Arjhan, 25 hit AC 23, 15 damage - 2 resist = 13 damage
    • Dragonshields: Move 6 squares toward battle, ready actions.
    • Goblin: Delay

    • Alessa: 32/35 HP, Scattered Form (resist melee/ranged 50% UENT), Second Wind (+2 all defenses USNT)
    • Alessa's Slime: 2/17 HP, Instinctive Action:
      attacks the same creature that it attacked during your previous turn. If it canít do that, it attacks an enemy within 3 squares of it if it can. Otherwise, it moves its speed to a square within 3 squares of the nearest enemy.
      The Wyrmpriest is not within range, so its action will be to attack another enemy within 3 squares (Alessa's choice), unless Alessa spends a move action to command it to move 3.
    • Arjhan: 11/38 HP, Expiring: Second Wind (+2 to all def USNT), Virtuous Recovery (Resist All 2 USNT), Bloodied (+1 to attack rolls)
    • Mertes: 23/39 HP + 4 THP, sustain endurance
    • Zimelda: 24/29 HP, Expiring: Second Wind (+2 to all def USNT)
    • Minions: 8 remain, all have 5 THP except for #6. #1 is holding the skull. #1, #2, and #8 are on the upper walkway. #4, #6 have used Narrow Escape
    • Quickblade 1: DEAD
    • Quickblade 2: DEAD
    • Quickblade 3: 0 damage, 5 THP
    • Wyrmpriest: 0 damage
    • Dragonshield 1: 0 damage
    • Dragonshield 2: 0 damage
    • Goblin: 0 Damage, Delay

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